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Hello fellow atheists, agnostics, and non-believers! Welcome all ye writers and artists and libertines and philosophers! I am but another humble writer in this vast nest of sin called the “inter-nets”.

A little about me:

I have been an atheist since birth, and a humanist since the age of 10.

I enjoy absurdist fiction and art, and I you can look forward to long rants about both subjects.

I am an avid reader… I am currently reading 50 books (not to feather my own cap…)

I have asperger’s So expect a LOT of facts and bad spelling

I am a socialist.

I hate Mormons (sorry, I just do)

I love ex-Mormons!

I love poetry… especially Baudelaire. Look for the oh so subtle reference to him somewhere in the blog…

I love elipses… […]

About my blog:

I will be dealing with many subjects including but not limited to: Politics, history, art, poetry, writing, music, religion, philosophy, sexuality, ethics, mormonism, reading, the CIA bug in my sphincter… etc.

My first posts will be the early drafts of my Essay “Faith and Fear”, my Essay on the ethos and failings of the Catholic Church, and an upcoming short essay on Mark Rothko.


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Suter Bros. Ind. says:

    A moment in time can capture an eternity .
    One picture may be worth a thousand words , but a thousand words can can conjure up a million pictures in ones mind .
    But when one picture conjures up a thousand words , the picture really shows millions of others .

  2. Suter Bros. Ind. says:

    Thank you , I’m glad you liked it , it just popped into my head .
    One of the most thought provoking pictures I have ever taken was by accident , it is a picture of a group of mushrooms growing on a stump with some insects and a spider . An entire universe in just a few inches …
    It is a representation of the struggle between life and death , good and evil .
    I didn’t even realize I had taken it until I downloaded the pictures …

  3. Doug Newman says:

    What does Asperger’s have to do with bad spelling?

    I’m a very good speller.

    Good luck with the blog though.

    Oh, I also love ellipses….

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