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Some Quotes on Politics and Belief


“A Socialist is a Communist who has retained his capacity for independent thought”.

A wise person once said this, and I believe it. Socialism is not for those who want to be ruled with an iron fist. There is no room for Stalin’s or Hitler’s in the world that Socialism creates. Socialism is for those who choose to think about the world the want to live in.

“Whomever said writing was easy has never written anything worth reading”.

This quote I emphatically agree with. Writing is a brutal, painful process of self-understanding, self-brutalization, and self-betrayal. It is also the only way for writers to remain sane. A piece of literature is the pound of flesh demanded for the privilege of having a fully functioning intellect.

“Religion is the last refuge for our inner child”.

I have seen this firsthand. When we see a religious fanatic we are seeing a man or woman in a state of arrested development. Every screaming pastor is a crying child who was never told there was nothing to be afraid of in the dark. Faith is our last warm blanket: unfortunately this blanket slowly but surely smothers us.

“Our eyes can see nothing that our minds have not already beheld”.

This phrase in particular moves me. One can have perfect vision and still be blind to the world around them. One must look at the world through the lens of reason before an object can truly be appreciated or understood. When millions look at the sky they see nothing but the reflection of some imagined super-ego. What they miss is the chance to see the sky for the sake of the sky. A blind atheist sees the world more clearly then a Christian with 20/20 vision.
“Throughout the history of the entire world there has never been born a Christian”.

This sentiment is true. Every human being who has ever walked the earth was born without religion. We are inherently atheistic, reasonable animals. We must be trained to be religious. Like a wild beast that has been trained to love its cage, many humans have been trained to love the prison that is faith. We must always remember however that no one is ever born into this prison. They are either put there or enter it themselves.




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