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The Catholic Church and The Wages of Sin Part II

I looks real to me...

I looks real to me...

Continued from Part I

…Sadly, arguments like D’Souza’s and other apologists are often excepted at face value by well meaning people who have been trained and manipulated into believing such odd displays of “logic”. The Church treats its adherents like children. Like children believers learn to except and mimic whatever their elders and “betters” teach them. They were trained from a young age to look not for reason but for the absence of reason. The less logic inherent in a statement, the less provable the statement is, the more it is said to be valid and superior. Believers are expected to ignore and repress their own mental facilities and urges in favor of illogical fear (also known as faith). This is done for two reasons: to maintain power over the flock mentally, and to protect themselves from the masses they have abused and stunted. The Church, like any other major religion, finds the basis of its beliefs in past fears, superstitions and myths.

These factors still influence the belief systems of the Church, but many of their tenants are now based upon reaction to issues that arose since the creation of the religion. These tenants are based upon innovations and progression in the realms of Sexuality and Procreation, Science, Philosophy, and the Secular world of Politics. The Church’s reactions to these areas of human understanding and experience form the basis of the contemporary assault upon reason and intelligence. I hope to unveil to the fearful the perversions and the delusional beliefs of the church and how they impact their lives and their children’s lives.

These issues go far beyond molestation of children by priests. They influence the lives of human beings in a way that most do not understand, and sadly many never will. I will address these areas of concern one by one, and explain how the Church uses its tenants and beliefs to indoctrinate its members and keep them enthralled and in a constant state of fear. First however, to understand the special Christian concept of fear its twisted cousin sin must be explored.


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  1. Benny the Icepick says:

    An alternative caption for the Caravaggio:
    “Thus, Thomas was inspired to invent the fleshlight”

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