Poem: The Electrical Dawn

Look to the sky and witness the machine
A thousand times the mass of the murky moon

Jagged wires snake across the horizon
The mountains and the valleys filled with plugs

Engineers swarm across the landscape

Like an army of college educated ants

The wrenching scream of steel on steel

The slightly demonic hum of a fiber optic storm

The orb was forged in a million furnaces

Each year a moment in the new creation

A thousand generations spent blithely in construction

The bitter firmament a womb yearning for an artificial seed

The hum of the ersatz millennium is deafening

But it is soothing to 40 billion frost burnt ears

The purpose of potential is quite potent

A lapse of futility into functionality

How many more generations must perish

In the shadow of a swiftly dying star?

No more! No more! Let the sun rise again!

  Let the east regain its splendor

Let the heavens reclaim their poetry

Never before has humanity been so cold

But that must soon change

No more! No more darkness! No more endless night!

The switch is primed for the revolution

A locus of elemental forgery

Take the broken remnants of the future

Forge a starry orb of dangerous furry

Taste the static in my veins

Blow out the wispy candle flame

No light is worth the darkness it has banished

The hobgoblin of restlessly savage minds

There is a power in this moment

A empire of memory and savage destiny

Forgive the poets their emphatic hyperbole

This is a time for exaggerated words

The maestro of the apparatus

Takes his place at the claptrap control panel

The cables begin to hiss with monstrous certainty

The circuits spark as the power climbs up into the sky

An imitation sun floats in space

A horrid twin

Dwarfing its shriveled sibling

Ready to burn for ten thousand million years

The universe was once the realm of chaos

But order has left earth thence to the stars

The ugly orb is dead… But suddenly a flash! Oh cybernetic salvation!

Thus is born a new sun!

Have at me light

Burst upon my eyes and into my mind

Illuminate my senses and my incredulity

Forecast my licentiousness with your brilliant, voluptuous luminosity

Break fast the chains that hold my castigated silence

Waste the guileless evils of inertia

Lead me from this blighted darkness

Force me into the electrical dawn












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