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Haiti and Racism

I am a racist. I see the world in color. I look out and I behold a panarama of human hues and I think “There are differences in color”. I am aware of the differences we have, and they impact my life and my world. The wolrd is homogenous in its cacaphony of individualism. I am not racist in the sense that I believe in race as a concept but that I recognize that we all look different. Until we recognize that there all no races, and we come up with a new understanding of how to view humanity, then we are truly all racists.

I am not a bigot. I do not hate those who do not look like me. I do not believe that pigment has any bearing on who you are as a person, and the color of your skin is just that: a color. The only differences there are between people are in our own unique personalites ad individuals and in the chains certain aspects of soceity place on us. There are no black people. There are no white people. There are no red people or yellow people. I have only seen varying shades of beige and brown.

What follows is a declaration against Bigots.

I am sick and tired of hearing people like Dana Perrino, Glenn Beck, George Will and others suggest that the real way to help Haiti and other poor nations and people lies in the free market and that we need to stop giving government aid. Someone on Beck’s show even compared african americans in particular, and poor people in general, as domesticated animals unable to fend for themselves! The free market is a heartless animal: it long ago decided that there is nothing in Haiti it wants to consume, and the capitalist system pays no attention to places it cannot eat up. Poor people do not want to be poor, and they are not “comfortable” in their poverty.

Poor people are poor because the system we use supports those who use the power of the poor to enrich themselves. The harder you work the more you enrich those who work less. That is a fact. Stop saying that these people want to be poor or that they are “addicted” to government aid or to welfare: the only people addicted to anything are the rich who are freebasing on the shared struggle and strife of people who work hard and can never get ahead because the RICH DO NOT WANT THEM TO. The “free” market is only free to those who find a way to exploit the work of others. The free market is a slave market pure and simple.

The people of Haiti and the poor of the United States are not domesticated animals. There is something wrong with a system when people, who are born with the urge and the capability to better themselves, are not able to en mass and in a concentraited fashion within particular communities. The poor are not poor because they were born lazy: the poor are born free and are enslaved by the greed of those who manipulate the system to favor those already in power. No. More. Slavery. Free the Market.


4 thoughts on “Haiti and Racism

  1. The poor, and minorities especially, are treated much like domesticated animals by those who seek to “help” them. This is because the “help” that is rendered always seems to be of the subsistence variety as opposed to any increase in opportunity for the betterment of their situations.

  2. nme16 says:

    How can a situation be bettered without subsistance aid IN A NATURAL DISASTER? what are we going to do? Send Microsoft tech teams down their to run seminars on how to run a digital work place? The Capitalist 1st world DOES NOT WANT to Haiti to succeed… so it will not. You are just playing into the “they can’t be helped unless the have the urge to help themselves…”

  3. They cannot be helped in any meaningful way unless the have the urge to help themselves, but that is tangential to my point.

    While it’s good, I suppose, to save them from this immediate disaster, what are we saving them from and for? I don’t mean what do we get out of sending aid; I mean what do the Haitians get – or any poor or minority receiving acute subsistence care?

    Remember Ethiopia? We sent them enough food so that they were not only not starving but could almost double their population, but we didn’t help them stand on their feet while doing so. Then we got bored, the aid slowed or stopped, and now Ethiopia is heading back into starvation again.

    Which really is worse – being uncaring and letting them succeed or die as a free people, or keeping them shackled to foreign aid that never addresses their problems only the issues that arise from those problems?

    The Socialist Left DOES NOT WANT to Haiti to succeed…so it will not. You are just playing into the “they can’t be helped only supported…”

    • nme16 says:

      and you really believe that these people who have survived dozens of natural disasters and are the only people in history to form a slave republic and overthrow an empire DO NOT have the “urge to help themselves”? Excuse me but that is dangerously naive

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