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The Third Door: A Thought on Political Thought

You must choose a door. There is one to the left, one to the right, and one right in the middle. At one point in your life someone urged you take the left door; “This door is a hard door. It leads to a world of struggle and much heartbreak. Of work, and difficult thoughts and scary ideas. It is a world where the final principle can never be achieved, and the only success is failing just a little bit less. Take this door and you will live with many, and you will care for many, and many will care for you, but you will see much that will make you feel like you do not wish to care at all. Take this door and you will have a life of meaning, but a meaning that may perhaps only be apparent to those who come after you. But there is always the chance you can be lucky and see the meaning in itself as it unfolds. To be the meaning to yourself and to the world”. This is the first door.

The second door was explained to you like this: “Ignore the foolishness of the first door. There is no nourishment in striving for a goal that can never be achieved. This door is the door for you! This door leads to a life where you work hard for the world as it is now, and work even harder in order to keep it that way for your children. You will bestow upon yourself and the world the riches of a land that never sees a change in seasons, that always produces the same sturdy crop. Some may not like this crop, some may not appreciate there lot, but that is the nature of existence. When you open this door you realize that dreams are for people who are asleep and you have never brought home any bread after working for a dream. Do not fear! For when you enter this door you will forge your own destiny, and the destinies of those around you and under you.
You do not know which door to chose. Each seems to have its merits, and you would have elements of each. But that is not the nature of the choice; one must walk on one path. One can only reach one destination-

And then there is a third door. This door is between the others, but somehow apart. This is the third door. A voice calls to you (perhaps it is your own voice), a voice tells you why you must chose this door. This door… the third door is so much the better of the three doors! The first door is for dreamers, and for those who would strive to make that dream as real as can be. This is a fool’s errand. Ignore this door, it is for children and not for you. The second door… Oh how this door seems to be so sensible! But it is a wretched door. It leaves no room for pleasure in the new, and this door will quickly grow stale. It is a door for one who is old and tired. This door is not for you. But the third door… Oh what a door it is! This door leads to endless enjoyment and bliss! It is a door to a realm without pain, where you are the master of your own destiny and where you can build what you would, how you would, with your own hands and have it be yours forever! Behind this door is a world just for you. This is the only world there is or can be. A world where dreamers work and workers dream! A world where you are right and no one is wrong. A world where the just rule and the rulers are just. A world where you need not make hard choices like this… In fact, there is no choice to make! This is your door! It is was built for you! Open the door! Open your door!

You are filled with joy and jubilation! This is your door! Your door! You need not chose between two paths! This is the only path that ever was! You open the door and there is a blinding and beautiful light… and then the door closes, and you are alone, alone in a small empty room. You are confused and afraid. This is not your door! Where is your true and only path? Where is the world you were promised? You turn to leave this terrible blank room and you see that there is no more door! There is only a wall where the door should be. And you look at the wall, trying in desperation to find a door that is not there, and you see… Oh you see what it is this room is made of. The room is white, and blank, and it is hard. It is a room made of bone. It is a room made of the bones of those who came before, those who sought their world without harder choices, where workers dream and dreamers work. But there are no dreams here, save for your nightmares. There is not work here, save for your fevered scratches on the walls of your new tomb. But you chose the third door, and now you will never leave this room. Time passes, your screams turn to laughter that turns to whimpering that turns to silence… and you realize that there is no third door. There is no third door. There is only an empty room, made of the bones of those who chose this door that led nowhere at all.