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Memorial Day

I did not ask to
Be born in
I will risk
Seeming Naïve
And say
I wish I had grown up
In Germany
Where they learned
Awhile ago
To not ever
Allow a
To demand
To much respect
I do not thank the people who died
Because I have no right to thank them
They did not die for me
They died for themselves
For their own reasons
Or because they
Were forced to fight
And die
I do not thank those
Who killed for no reason
Other then the
Flag was raised
And the Senators
And Mr. President
“These are our enemies today”
Don’t tell me that
I am more free
Because some ululating
Woman in Kabul
Got her face blown off
By a drone attack
Wars are not things
To celebrate
But to regret
Even the blessed war
Was a war
The Nazis
Deserved to die
For what they did
But we do not deserve to be revered
For killing them
Death cannot relinquish its hideousness
It cannot be cleaned by a more noble kind of death
I do not stand for the pledge
And I do not salute our war dead because
They are not MY war dead
They died in wars
That I did not ask for
I did not ask to be an American
I did not ask for what you call freedom
I only want to be
A person with the freedom I deserve as a human
Is a dead man any less dead for
Being a hero?
Is a Iraqi any less dead if he was killed
By a patriotic American GI
Instead of by
Good is done
And good has been done
But war is not a good
Men do good by men
And never at the whim
Of anything but their own conscience
There are no war heros
There are only hero in spite of war
It does not take a gun to make a hero
Why is there no day
For those who fought
To not fight?
To not kill?
War does not make a man a man
It just makes him more palatable
To old men who forgot what it is like
To actually think for themselves
Memorial Day
Has no meaning for me
It is just another day when
I am expected to respect
The actions
Of the Nation
That I never asked to be a part of
And to revere
The Gods that I do not believe
I will not bow my head in remembrance
Of our fallen soldiers
Because I have nothing to remember about them
They are their own men
And those who loved them
Will remember them and
What they believed
Then I ever will
I mean no disrespect to any dead man or woman
Far from it
I just did not ask for them to die
For whatever reason they did
I will salute those who died
To protect others
Or for a glorious and meaning full personal belief
I respect the men I have heard of
Who fought to free the slaves
But I do not revere that war any more then I
Revere death
I did not ask to
Be born in
But I was