Nerds Assemble!

Not an Accurate Portrayal of Me. Sort of.

Ok, just to prove that I do not exclusively think/talk/write about political and philosophical ideas that are so mind-numbingly serious that they would put Clint Eastwood into a coma…I am going to talk about two comic book flicks I am HUGELY LOOKING FORWARD TO!

For people who know me it is no secret that I was once a complete comic book FREAK. I used to collect comics, and I read them religiously. My favorite titles were “X-Men”, “Uncanny X-Men”, “Iron-Man” and of course nearly any “Batman” permutation. I no longer actively read new comics mostly because the major titles (with the exception of Batman on occasion) now suck monkey taint, to quote…I think it was St. Thomas Aquinas? Anyway, I no longer actively read or collect comics, but I still love the characters and the mythology behind them. And I also love (for the most part) the films that they spawn. They bring the comics I love to life in a way I once could only dream about. I get chills when I see the Joker attacking the Batman with a piece of 2×4, laughing like an idiot. I get to enjoy all the technology and the genuine coolness behind Tony Stark and his creation Iron Man. I can see what it would be like to have the ability to control all forms of metal, and the very magnetism of the Earth itself. And I can do all that by going to a theater or logging into a website (totally legal downloads of course 😉 ) ! Oh, and I want to BE Tony Stark.

And this coming summer I get to see potentially two of the best new comic films.

I have been obsessed with Christopher Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader since his first film came out in ’05. To say that I enjoyed the second in the series, The Dark Knight, would be an understatement worthy of being carved into a golden plate, buried, and found centuries later by a con man from New York. Wait a minute…

Anyway. The third film in the Trilogy is coming out in July, and I am already looking for a way to get early tickets! I have plans to see the opening of this film at Navy Pier with my artistic partner in crime, budding director, and brilliant actor Tyler. We shall then gorge ourselves on Chicago foodstuffs and talk about the ramifications of what we just saw until we are blue in the face or dead. Bane. Selena Kyle. GARY OLDMAN!!! What is there not to like? And after seeing the leaked teaser trailer a few weeks ago I am about ready to renounce my atheism and become a convert to “The Church of Nolan”. So, I guess you could say that I am excited about the movie.

And then there is The Avengers. I have been seeing hints of this flick coming for years…The Hulk revival, Iron Man 2, the Introduction of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the same, and now Captain America. Oh, and Jeremy Renner taking up archery or whatever. During that large sporting event we had a few Sunday’s ago I saw the first full length teaser for the film…And I about peed myself. I did not think I would get excited over the Avengers film. The comic only occasionally held my interest, and those were mostly back issues from the 70’s and 90’s. As far as story-telling and art go, The Avengers has kind of been the “Waluigi” of the comic hero book pantheon: entertaining, but a little bit uninspired and familiar. But THIS film…THIS story…I personally loved ALL of the re-imaginings of the Marvel Heroes. Especially Iron Man. Did I mention that I want to BE Tony Stark? As I was saying, this version of the Avengers looks like it is going to kick ass and take names. I was even wowed by the special effects shown in the TRAILER for the movie. And I was already laughing at all the in-jokes and nerding out about the references to the Marvel Universe. So while this film may be more of a guilty pleasure for me compared the “inevitably-going-to-be=cinematic-genius”-ness of Nolan’s film, I am really looking forward to seeing this f**ker in the theaters. I may even go see it in 3-D. Or not. (I am so sorry for my moment of weakness, Roger Ebert)

That is all. Just a moment of Nerd. Back to the Constitution and Expressionist Painters and such.

DISCLAIMER: Of course all names, concepts, titles, and themes of the Heroes mentioned and their respective attributes are totally and UTTERLY IN PERPETUITY SO HELP ME JESUS the property of their respective copyright holders, corporations and artists (This means you Marvel and DC comics), and the films are the same (This means you big Hollywood studios) . YOU OWN THIS S*IT! I am just bowing down in awe of your collective amazingness…that is all…please don’t sue me… :p


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