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Sad End to a Sad Little Man

Andrew Breitbart is dead. According to the Gods of Liberalism I am supposed to mourn my ideological enemy in death. I do not. He destroyed hundreds of lives with his smears, lies, and racist insinuations. He altered and destroyed the lives of thousands, perhaps millions over time, with his witch hunt that led to the demise of ACORN.

I debated Andrew Breitbart on twitter for a few weeks back in 2011. He was not an intelligent arguer, but he was incredibly skilled at throwing out red herrings and nit-picking grammar and insignificant mistakes to death. I suppose that means he was good at what he set out to do: cause trouble and annoy everyone who made more sense than he did. Though even in this he proved a coward: he promised never to block anyone on twitter (because he claimed he was above being bothered by what liberals said) yet her blocked dozens of my friends and fellow liberal tweeters when they started to chip through his arguments. I was blocked after I caught him committing an act of bad journalism in is conspiratorial coverage of Pres. Obama’s Birthday Party in Chicago last year. Apparently he could not take being exposed as a terrible journalist.

Media dinosaurs, pundits, and executives are falling over each other in their attempts to lionize this half-rate hack. It is fitting that the news of his demise was reported by his various websites (home to misinformation, gossip, scandal-mongering, and horribly bigoted comment page posters): The accurate reporting of his death is the first news story any of these sites has managed to report even somewhat accurately and without bias. I suppose there is some strange bit of justice in that for the poor man.

He is survived by a wife, four children, his horrible websites, his disgusting protege Dana “Let’s Pee on Corpses” Loesch and hundreds of hours of video that will prove to be his greatest legacy. I will end this obituary with one of his last public appearances verbally assaulting a group of Occupy Protesters outside of the CPAC Convention where Breitbart got to put his sad loathsome fear mongering on display. Here he is doing what he did best: yell, provoke, lie, slander, and blubber on about nothing. All while seemingly inebriated or on little sleep. Ironically, the words he keeps repeating in this video is “behave yourself”. Maybe he should have taken his own advice more often.






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