Ancient History, art, Egypt, poetry, Women

Song Of A Bath On A Summer Night

She came from her father’s house to bathe in the Nile waters

The moon filling up the sky like a lotus in a cup of water

This moment was sown together with the finest of her nation’s cotton threads

Wind bourn words wistful and kind spoken softly by the Gods

Floating in the reflection of the pale moon

She bathed in the waters for hours that would have seemed like days

To any man fortunate enough to spy her

Her movements were pregnant with the stuff of sleepless dreams

Each hidden like a seed inside a pod

H breasts were hidden by the natural modesty of the lily pads

Her chastity proclaimed by the sadness of her smile

Alas you posited voyeur in the reeds

She is relentlessly attached to her first love

A chaste love a virginal love but a love that would soon flower into a dynasty

Bless her Ra

May you bless her with the purity of Lat’s milk

A harvest of the sweetest things the earth can give

With the pleasure of a pleasant afterlife nearly assured

Her purity is a hamlet wherein her hopes and piety may reside

Left to go about her eternal imaginings in peace


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