art, music, poetry

Variations on the Theme of Berlioz’s Overture of Benvenuto Cellini (A Poem)

Hector Berlioz


Westford gain and freckled flowers blown

By breezes bedecked with petals and romancing seeds

This is the essence of romance shown

By the tramp about of vines and violets and weeds

Which rose resides in thorn that will not prick to bleed?

A thorny issue cast about like dice inside an oak-wood cup

Forged and filched from nature’s purest deeds

Betoken the wind and the journey all around and up

Needs abound like flower stems digging deep in hope to sup

Winters cruel deeds forgotten in the whimsy of the vernal sun

Each quince drunk on its own succulent pulp

Each peach a gesture by the trees, a hint that all that is cold is done


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