Ancient History, art, Atheism, Dionysus, Philosophy, poetry

Dionysus and his Detractors

Dangerous that watch the time the tick the tock the wind and the wind the clock and the coiling

What we see, sir, is a tree, sir, and the bee, sir, buzzes about me, sir, and the cherry blossoms bloom freshly, pinkly

Eating the little red fruit, kiss the lips that speak truth and poetry

Bulwarks rattled and riddles with casks of Cherry Wine

Ending a hegemony of sobriety and somnolence

Introducing a tired garrison to frivolity and merry making!

To wit, a triad of explorers and a coven of doubters

Cast about then for a grail or a clue of one

A blot from that, or a dusty echo of the same

Besotted glances brandished like well sharpened shame

But abstemious minds are wont to reach into a deepening bag of folly

And beguile the ecstatic mind with tricks and wisps of colorful airs

But forewarned oh ye of delightful intoxication

Those hands that slight the chance of truth for a so simple a substitute as easy imprudence

Those hands have no place around the flagon or the wineskin


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