Atheism, Philosophy, Physics, poetry, Science

Of Quantum Things

I stopped and wondered at the unseen sight

Of quarks and other such subatomic delights

A marvel, the fact that stuff so small should indeed loom so large

A puzzling enough pattern to confuse the likes of Madame Defarge

Imagine a shawl of immeasurable length

Whose very fabric is constantly shaken, rent to test its fundamental strength

Waves of knots and jumbles leap across

First here now there, one moment I comprehend and the next I’m at a loss

And think now once more, and this will surely shake you to the core

Uncertainty is certain, so ambiguity I come to find has some allure

My subatomic essence is repelled

By the uncanny shivers and blinks of the fields in which these particles are held

The odd stuff that makes up everything from Yellow Dwarfs to old brick walls

Is all wrapped up in that unequivocally vexing shawl

But before your mind is captured by this textile notion

Remember that there is no way to certainly contemplate the locomotion

Of the neutrinos, electrons, gluons and other such quantum things

That makes matter matter and allows the silent cosmos to sing


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