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What A World It Would Be! (A Poem)

Democritus Gets the Last Laugh

Not only the corpus of Christ crucified

But the wise words of men not deified

Atoms, philosophy, reason unchained

Imagine a world if Christ had not reigned!

Copernicus the first man on the moon

Augustine condemned as a royal buffoon

Hellenic wisdom? ‘Twas never doomed

By the fires of faith, our wisdom not consumed

Oh what a world where belief is not love

Where meaning does not descend from above

Children taught all about Democritus

Only fragments survive from Saint Aquinas

Candidates for office out smart each other

Without appeals to “our holy  father”

Women control their bodies and fortunes

No fat old priests who shame or importune

Sexuality is free from constraint

Without original sin’s cruel taint

A world without god, full of disbelief

Oh, now wouldn’t that be quite a relief?


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