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The Blue Door (A Poem)

A door in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bou Said

Open wide the blue door in front of me

That portal to the sea and to the mountains beyond

On terraces carved from the salt kissed air

Where I will sit until the sun gives birth to the stars

I gather up my papers

Tussled by the evening breeze

The ink dries quickly

And my songs rest quietly upon the page

My friends and I we chat until it is a bit to cold for comfort

But then we just share a blanket and a candle

Speaking of tomorrows that will be or will never be

Watching the ships float upon the dark waters

The only light the stars and the love in our eyes

The gentle rumble of conversation sooths me

Like a child falling fast asleep to her mothers lullaby

But beware oh travelers and poets

When dreams that come to those that softly sleep

Give birth to longings unfulfilled

The dreams thus born may die in a nightmares snare

But have hope

Nightmares they may be

But with the simplest awakening

They may be banished

Blown away like the candle by the breeze


4 thoughts on “The Blue Door (A Poem)

    • nme16 says:

      please do! If you site it and my blog you can feel free to use my poem in anyway you’d like for your research! Please send me a copy of your writing on the topic when you are finished, I would love to read it and maybe even post in here on my blog as a guest post! My email is

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