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Roberts Court: Healthcare Reform Constitutional

This is going to be a brief post, with a longer opinion to come from my end.

Chief Justice Roberts and the liberal members of the Supreme Court proved today that he does understand the law and illustrated for the nation the fact that differences in opinion and process should not prevent us as a nation from executing laws and regulations that genuinely support the public good. The individual mandate is upheld, and while I have issues with the Affordable Care Act itself, I see this as a validation of the process of reform and a great starting point for the continual improvement of a common sense and human healthcare service structure for the entire nation. This decision can be used as a justification for a constructive and pragmatic process of health insurance reform. The court has upheld the idea that the government can and indeed should be a instrument of progressive societal improvement and reform. I have included the opinion and the dissents below. I highly suggest you all read it in full. It is worth the read.



One thought on “Roberts Court: Healthcare Reform Constitutional

  1. social security was destroyed because instead of growing the pension and investing it. the money got diverted and all we are left with is IOU’s
    disease needs to be stopped at the beginning why pay 100,000 or 10,000 for someone who is going to die in two months
    instead I think people should be tracked from 40 to prevent diseases instead of spending lots of money on curing the patient
    we also do need non profit or not for profit insurance companies

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