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Trickle Down (A Poem)

The plebs are hungry

What to do?

First we must feed the lord!

He’ll feast and have his fill

Like so many hogs fattened at the trough

He’ll grow fat and happy

And find him-self in a generous mood

So he’ll waddle to the balcony

And salute the ragged mob below

By dropping his enormous drawers

He’ll bend over the balustrade

And hoist his ass on high

And out from ‘tween his

Ham-hock cheeks

Trickled down the peasant’s share

Oh how the villeins squealed with joy

And opened up their hungry mouths ‘

Feasting upon the fetid abundance

Donated by the bowels of their lord

Thanks be to god and to the rich

For their beneficence and their appetite

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Ryan Lies AGAIN…

In his convention speech tonight, VP Nominee Paul Ryan claimed that a GM autoplant in his hometown of Janesville was closed because of President Obama’s policies. This turns out not to be true, and Ryan even admitted he knew this was not true ON HIS OWN CONGRESSIONAL WEBPAGE. I found the link on twitter, and went to it, and indeed it is a blurb about a letter he sent to the GM CEO asking him not to close the plant down as the announcement was made in June 2008 that it would be closed. I am sure this will soon be scrubbed, so I have the screen shot for you, along with the link to the page itself. Ryan’s speech was full of lies, but this is easily the most simple to disprove

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Syria: Edge of Disaster?

The link above is to a wonderful and insightful article from Reuters International on the conflict in Syria and how it is spreading throughout the region. Please read it either before or after your read my post.


The conflict that started in Syria between the Alawite dominated Assad regime and the Sunni majority rebels and Free Syrian Army is fast turning into a regional war that pits Alawite minority ruling class once supported by the imperial powers and the Sunni majorities in these nations. I believe that the social and political revolutions known collectively as “The Arab Spring”, sparked by the self immolation of a  fruit vendor in Tunisia and spreading across the Arab world, has opened up long festering wounds. The mass of Sunni denizens of this region, long mistreated and ignored by the western and imperial powers and the Shi’ite and Alawite minorities who were given and took power, have finally found their voice and are acting out against what they see as a regimes and forces that are inherently hostile to their interests. This is taking the form of revolutions, protests and uprisings against the governments, but also against innocent members of these “ruling” minorities. The situation is explosive, and getting more so every day.

The Kurds also seem to be seeing an opportunity here and are throwing in with the Alawites in Syria, while the Turks are siding with the Sunni. Fighting in Lebanon has broken out and scores of civilians and soldiers have died as neighborhoods begin to tear themselves apart along ethnic and religious lines. US and France seem to be getting close to getting involved, and the Russians are still doing the “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” shtick. All the while anywhere from 10,000-30,000+ have been killed in the fighting, many of the  dead civilians. Turkey has really wanted a reason to crack down on the Kurds and the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) and the Kurdish rebels helping, or at least not hindering, the Assad’s Syrian Army in their border conflict is giving them just that reason. Of course there is no love lost between Turkey and Syria, nor between the latter and Lebanon.

The US of course has regional interests (cough cough Israel and Turkey cough cough) and really does not want to see another ethnic powder keg go off a la the Iraqi Civil War (ironic, given that powder keg was set off by US interference in the region) but is also concerned about the proliferation and use of bio and chemical weapons by the Assad regime. US President Barack Obama surprised many with his tough words on WMD’s and a promise to use military force if their use is even threatened. All the while the UN is desperately trying to remain relevant in the situation after the dismal failure of the Kofi Annan peace mission (undermined by Russian and US intransigence and posturing and general UN ineptitude).

I have no idea how this will all end up, but I do have a strong feeling that this intranational conflict is about to become a violent international one. Who will blink first? Will Assad’s Syria, backed by Iran’s Shi’ite mullahs and Kurdish nationalists, fall into a pitched conflict with Turkey and it’s NATO allies? I have a feeling that this once unimaginable situation becomes more likely every day the violence continues. Stay tuned.

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Legitimate Insanity

Todd Akin is not the problem. He is the symptom. The disease is the conservative American obsession with abortion, sexual violence, reproductive health, and equal rights. Most Americans see these issues as important and essential elements of a healthy society. “Pro-Life” Americans see these issues as one issue: the unborn, and how they may be protected from the feminist inspired evils of their mothers desires and intentions. Rape in the pro-life community is not a crime to be prosecuted and an evil to be fought and condemned: it is an opportunity to bring “new life” into the world. In the pro-life mind, there is no such thing as sexual violence. If a woman is raped it is not something to be talked about or dealt with. It is a chance to educate that poor, slutty woman about the consequences of “her” actions. Former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle summed up this point of view quite succinctly:

  “I think that two wrongs don’t make a right… look for some alternatives…[turn] a lemon situation into lemonade.”


Life is a means unto itself, that is, potential life. Once that life has entered the world the shame begins: shame that this life was brought into the world by a single mother, shame that it is poor or in need of welfare services, shame that it will be going to a godless public school, and if it is unfortunate to be born a female, shame on it for needing reproductive health services along with a natural desire for sexual fulfillment. Once that life is shepherded into the world by the pro-life Pretorian Guard it is immediately abandoned as yet another leech upon the liberty and the wealth of “job creating” and “hard working” Americans. And God help you if you are born anything but white.

In the eyes of the pro-life movement a woman is nothing more than a baby-incubating system at best, and a male-controlled sexual object at worst. Her sexuality is not her own. Hence the idea of “legitimate rape”.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Akin is only the most recent pro-life zealot to put forth this repugnant idea. “Legitimate rape” is a conservative idea that is used as a tool against women who have the audacity to be attacked by a man. The man is never at fault, at least not past the basic taboo against violence. He is merely acting out on his “natural” male inclinations. On the other hand, if a woman is raped it is only because she failed at some level. No “good” woman will ever be in a situation where she will be raped. No “good” woman is ever out of sight of a protective male authority figure, be it a father, brother, platonic boyfriend, or possessive husband. And remember, once she is married, a woman cannot be raped, at least by the man who is most likely to rape her: her husband.

These twisted views of sexual violence are being promoted as a new legal standard for all women. Akin authored and sponsored HR 3, co-sponsored by newly minted Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, a bill that would redefine rape in a much more restrictive sense, only recognize rape as something that happens in a dark alley against a somehow “deserving” woman, and goes out of its way to protect the REAL victim of the assault: the unborn child. Yes, the real crime here is committed by the misguided little woman who wants to abort the fetus forcibly put into her by a man who decided he wanted to violate her. Remember, “life” and all that. No thought is given to the life of the woman who is actually alive and legally protected by the Constitution and US laws. A woman is worth less than a bundle of cells or a rice grain sized fetus in the pro-life world. And a newly born child immediately loses its holy aura and becomes yet another sinner and potential violator of the “rights” of the unborn. The fetus becomes a super-citizen: it has all the rights that human beings should have, and more besides. It has the “right” to live at the expense of its own mother.

Fundamentalist Christianity is at the heart of this macabre fetal recreation of the crucifixion: the woman is impregnated by the legitimizing paternal force, be it the husband or the rapist, and the highest ideal of the mother after this event is to die in the service of giving life to the fetus. Woman who die giving birth are called “heroes” and “true mothers” and their fates are held up as the ultimate feminine ideal. Think of that, a woman’s worth is defined by her ability to die for a baby that she may not even have wanted! What does that mean for the women whose pregnancies end in a miscarriage? Has she “failed” as a women then? Sadly, this is inevitably the case: if your only worth as a human being is as a living breathing nest for the holy fetus, then what else do you have to live for? Life itself becomes meaningless, only an end, and for a woman life only has meaning as far as the paternal authorities define and allow for. And invariably, they will define that life as subordinate to the male concern of “being fruitful” and filling the Earth with more and more and more and more life. God’s will be done, I suppose.

This, I believe, is legitimate insanity.

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Right Wing Delusion Glossary

I have been around the political block a few times in my short time in this planet. I am only in my late 20’s and I have still heard the same right wing tropes and theories over and over again. But sometimes the right wingers get embarrassed at their own ignorance and hate, ans they attempt to disguise their true feelings and beliefs with coded language. I am here to let you in on the biggest open secrets in the political world. No need to thank me, just be sure to call your conservative friends and family members on their BS when you hear it spewed.

“Welfare Queen”: An African American woman who has the audacity to collect legal and needed welfare services. In the mind of a conservative this means that she has 18 children by 18 different fathers, and owns a big screen tv and a Cadillac. Why is it always these two things? Can’t they update their racist stereotypes to include LCD screens and maybe a Chevy Volt?

“Socialist”: Synonymous with “Nazi”, “communist” or “statist”. A socialist is anyone who thinks that the country in any way needs an overhaul in the way it handles the economy or welfare services i.e. regulating the market or making life easier for the working poor. Can also mean this person advocates “reeducation camps”, “Sharia law” and “government tyranny”.

“Tyranny”: The act of doing anything that offends conservative sensibilities. This can be anything from taxing businesses and individuals to mandating a waiting period for the assault rifle you want to buy. Also, whatever President Obama does in his capacity as Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

“Multiculturalism”: Any attempt by anyone to make sure that cultures other than white, christian, conservative, straight male points of view are discussed or celebrated or respected in public. Example: “Damn multiculturalism teaching my kids that A-rabs invented algebra! Next they’ll say that pasta is Chinese!”

“Race Hustler”: An African American (usual a man) who has the audacity to point out the inequality inherent to American society, and the white privilege that permeates our culture, economy, and government. Also, anyone who attempts to appeal to the African American community as a political interest group. Also, any African American man who has succeeded in politics or government who has not explicitly condemned other African Americans for…something?

“Terrorism”: A violent incident, always perpetrated by Muslims, that leads to the death of mostly white people. . Example: A Neo-Nazi shooting up a Sikh Temple and killing 6 is not terrorism…One man being shot in the arm at the Family Research Council HQ, damn that is the next 9/11! Also, any action taken by a liberal group or person to protest a conservative idea or group.

“Liberty”: The right of a white male to do what he pleases, when he pleases, without reference or concern for anyone else. Example: “Damn government is attacking my liberty to charge my employees for parking in our lot when they come to work! Dang socialists!”

“Freedom”: A much more nebulous term. Can mean anything from waving an American flag to buying a gas-guzzling car. That vague feeling conservatives have when they see American soldiers in a desert nation or see B2 bombers flying overhead at an overpriced sporting event. Also, anything relating to the response to, and aftermath of, the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Sharia Law”: Muslim Americans wanting to be able to build a mosque in their community or otherwise freely worship as do Christians and Jews. The nebulous concern that somehow in a nation that bans crosses on public land we will somehow have to answer to non-existent Iranian style Islamic courts. Also, strangely, any ruling in a US court that favors religious freedom, especially for Muslims or atheists for some reason.

“Real Americans”: White, Christian, straight male American citizens who vote for the Republican party and live in states not on either the west coast or the North Eastern coast. Can be extended to include stay at home mothers, conservatives christian women, conservative christian African Americans (provided they have NEVER used welfare or any other government service) and and some single women (provided they do not have a child out of wedlock and has NEVER used welfare or any other government service).

“Reverse Racism”: Any instance when a white, usually male, Christian American Citizen does not get what he wants, has to respect the rights of minorities, or believes in his mind that some opportunity was taken from him by a “minority” i.e. “Affirmative Action”. Example: “Damn government with their hate crime laws! There ain’t no hate crime laws for white people!” OR “Damn affirmative action, made it so that black guy got the job I wanted!” Also, anytime when a member of a racial or other minority group dares to complain about racism in American society or government. Also, the fact that it is now frowned upon to use racial slurs or tell racially tinged jokes.

“Homosexual Agenda”: Any school or government agency/service that dares to acknowledge or celebrate LGBTQ people, accomplishments, ideas, or rights. Also, any open display of affection between two men, or less often, two women. Also, the fear of closeted gay conservative christian men that they will be outed and have their masculinity doubted.

“The Civil War Was Not About Slavery”: African Americans need to stop complaining about the 400 years of inhumane treatment and depraved genocidal acts committed against them by whites and the American government.

“America Is a Christian Nation”: Someone who has never read an American history book, any of the founding documents, or any of the Supreme Court rulings of the past century and a half. Also, the need for an white male christian American to have his own personal morality enshrined in national laws.

“Chicago Style Politics/Politician: The belief that any government that has a large number or majority of African American and/or liberal and/or union member participants is inherently corrupt. The belief that the way politics were conducted in the uber-corrupt 1920’s and 1930’s is how politics is done today everywhere in Chicago and in the state of Illinois. A politician who stands up for minorities and the working poor, or who wins in a close election or uses tactics that conservatives often use to get elected.  Also, President Barack Obama.

“Pro-Life”: The belief that women who want to control their reproductive system are sluts, whores, and/or evil. The belief that a bundle of cells or a zygote is the legal and moral equivalent of a American citizen, or in the case of a pregnant woman, the legal and moral superior. Also, the worship of a fetus as an icon of purity and inherent goodness.

“Feminazi”: A woman who does not believe that men are inherently superior. A woman who dares to stand up to a man or a patriarchal institution. A woman who acknowledges that women in general are accorded the same rights and opportunities, or given the same respect, as men in American Society, economy, and government. A liberal woman. A single woman who enjoys sex. A single woman who wants to be able to use birth control. A woman who believes that equal rights and opportunity should be enshrined in law. A woman who disagrees with Rush Limbaugh.

“Liberal”: All that is evil, perverted, corrupt, indecent, wicked, or otherwise wrong with the world.


That’s it for now folks, but I do believe I will be returning to this subject later: the coded language of the conservative movement is always expanding and updating! I’ll keep you posted.

p.s. Thanks to “Vicki” for the typo wrangling!

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The Rebellion of the Guard of Yazid

Found within the confines of the desert

The many tribes lifted their sturdy swords

The land of a hundred empires fell

Beneath the feet of unwelcome hordes

There is nothing grand in this new disgrace

No gold or jewels thrown to the filthy mob

Yazid comes to claim his sand bedecked throne

Royal flourishes did not quench his thirst

For sweet power and royal domination

The arms of the Imazighen were bared

To receive the blazing branding iron

Marked forever with the name Yazid

The cruel Amir did love his guard of slaves

And the world embraced a new wretched caste

Of brave people blithely clapped in iron chains

Alas! This was one disgrace to many

And the people cried aloud for freedom

When nothing transpired to answer their pleas

They armed themselves with the tools of justice

Without a second thought they went to war

The People would never be slaves

Such is the way of things in the Maghreb

One day thou art free and the next thou art

Fighting for the right to bear your own name

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AP & NBC Report Rep. Paul Ryan is VP pick For Romney

In other news, the Romney campaign just lost the 2012 Presidential election.

He picked a guy who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

A guy who wants to dismantle the entire Great Society/New Deal edifice

A guy who makes his staffers read Ayn Rand

And I guy who literally looks like a weasel (seriously, look at him!)

Even Catholic nuns hate this guy!

He snubbed the Ohio choice (Portman) The Florida Choice (Rubio) and the Minnesota choice (Pawlenty). There go the swing states.

At this point I think the GOP establishment has given up on Romney and they are giving Ryan the cred to run for President in 2016.

Barring some 2000 level voter suppression shenanigans (not impossible believe me) Obama has this.