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Guest Writer: Romney & GOP Dead Wrong on American Economics

I’d like to welcome my friend and fellow political wonk Roy Roberts to my blog! This post today was written by him in response to all the misinformation out there about the GOP take on policies and economic theories. I think it is relevant and well thought out, and I also think that it is a point of view that does not get enough of an airing in TV and most online media outlets. I enjoyed reading it, and it really opened my eyes as to the utter intellectual and moral bankruptcy behind the modern day GOP/Romney economic platform.

Note: This post was originally published on Roy’s Facebook wall.


I wish that those people I know who support the hard line economic policies of the Republican party would realize that the party they believe in has no understanding of the sociological and economic complexities that they are  messing with. Their motives are naive and/or Machiavellian  (depending on which Republican, donor, or ‘corporate sponsor’ is spouting it). I’m sorry, but putting more money in the hands of the wealthy will not restore our economy in any way shape or form.

In order to do that, you have to put money in the hands of those who actually SPEND instead of letting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars loaf in savings accounts, taking advantage of the insanity which has become the world’s financial system since the economic recession of the 1970’s.

I hope that I am able to burst this bubble ladies and gentleman. Those individuals driving our economy are not the ones in higher socioeconomic brackets but the vastly numerically superior individuals in the middle-middle class and below. THAT is where social programs should be focused. THAT is where tax breaks should be given. THAT is where subsidies should exist. THOSE are the people.

WE are the people where the hope of our nation resides, where the hope resides to change the horrific tide of consequences which neoliberal globalization has brought to our species and produce a form of globalization which is healthy for our species and for its social well being.


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