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Atheist Hero

Sometimes you meet people who just make you feel better about humanity.

Fawn is that type of person and her atheist support, resource, and education page is a wonderful entry point for those who are just starting to understand their own potential for freethought.

She is young, intelligent and just starting out in the world, but she already has the confidence and the wherewithal to reach out to fellow doubters and borderline believers who just need that little bit of support and affirmation before they take the leap into freethought and rational inquiry. I am still getting to know her and already I am impressed by her tenacity and her fearlessness in the face of people who are already trying to tear her down. The thing is, with a grounded attitude reinforced by rationality and enlightenment thinking, and with friends and supports, I know she can go a long way towards her goal of making the world a better, safer, and more love filled place for atheists, doubters, and everyone else.

So please, help our community by helping this wonderful young woman. Like her page, make some supportive comments, or even just take a look. It will mean a lot to her, and it will do a lot of good in the end.

Here is the link:

Let’s not forget that change starts small, but always grows into something that can really change the world. We are atheists, but we do not have to be cynics.


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