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Mitt Drops A Deuce

The little photo meme I made above says it all in my opinion. Romney just proved that he has no decency or intelligence when it comes to foreign policy or really any other policy.

The Libyan situation is a tragedy and I really feel for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the three embassy staff members and 11 Libya Civilians who were killed by the mob of Islamist fanatics. Of course Mitt Romney decided that this delicate and tragic situation was in need of an idiot to come in and politicize it all. Romney just disqualified himself from any other elected office in my opinion. He preempted the official Presidential response, and accused the President of SYMPATHIZING with the people responsible. Even the GOP blogosphere and media are attacking Mitt for his bad timing and stupidity!

That’s really all I have to say about the situation for now…I will end by thanking the Libyan people for their heartfelt support and apologies, though it is really not their fault at all, and also by thanking President Obama for not reacting to this situation the way George W. Bush would have: namely, invading and bombing Benghazi into the stone age. Thank you for being a good leader.


One thought on “Mitt Drops A Deuce

  1. Please… you are so wrong about Bush he would never have bombed Benghazi as he probably had never heard of it, instead he may have bombed Beijing, the point is someone would have paid.

    As an outside observer what really amazes me is how well thought out, written and civilized most of the blogs are from both sides of the spectrum when the politicians themselves are so not.

    The outside world is scared of Mitt or more clearly some of the people around him and how they seem to view those of us outside the US. We need you Americans to once again take your place as leaders of the free world but with class, dignity and forethought. I love Clint, his spaghetti westerns and Dirty Harry movies but we do not need a similar character with his hand on the button looking for someone to “Make his Day”

    With so many good bloggers debating both sides so well, how did you end up with the politicians you have?

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