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Monday Night Fraud-Ball

This is not a sports blog in any sense of the term, nor am I really a sport fanatic. I am just a workaday fan of the Packers and watcher of International Soccer. With that being said…


The NFL referee lockout instigated by the greed and intransigence of the owners and Roger Goodell was an annoyance before, but the outright STEALING of a close and important game from a Packers team that CLEARLY had won  the game? That is just a step too far and pushes the NFL into the dark and illegitimate territory trail-blazed by the NBA and their terrible officials.

The NFL refs are considered some of the best officiating professionals in all of sports and all the want is a modest raise. The make this rough and tumble, sometimes ridiculously opaque game worth watching and all they want is a modest share in the vast wealth taken in by professional football. It seems like a small price to pay for a game that is worth watching. Apparently Goodell and the owners do not agree. They seem to think that whatever shoddy, slimy, slapdash product they put out there will sell and be revered by the fans and the viewing public as long as it has NFL slapped on it. If the reaction in the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, and Huffington Post (just to name a few sources), is any indication, this is not the case at all. There is only so much crap the American sports-viewing public will take and we may have just the limit here with this nationally televised Monday Night Fraud-Ball debacle.

Goodell? Owners? Get your rich, greedy, spoiled, tyrannical little heads out of your asses and give these hardworking refs what they and all union workers deserve: a fair hearing and a raise.



One thought on “Monday Night Fraud-Ball

  1. Muy interesante, la verdad es que hay mucha gente preocupada al respecto. Seria bueno poder ampliar un poco mas de información para los distintos tipos que conocemos y que pueda servir mas de ayuda. Un saludo

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