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Augustine at Carthage (A Poem)

How does a philosopher spend his youth?

Among the euersores and the harlots

Gamboling in the parlors and alleys

The light of a strong young man burning bright

In the feared twilight world of paganism

The portentous lothario loved flesh

In all its forms and contortions thereof

Each full moment a celebration

Of life in all its fulsome sinful forms

But what of sin and its accoutrements?

Where do the sundry crimes of life reside?

What part of sin is unloosed when we

Mortal fools liberally partake in lust?

Are our foibles and follies recorded

In some exalted tome to be perused

At the conclusion of ages and time?

Perhaps someday Augustine will provide

The answers to these quixotic quarries

But now the song of Eros slowly plays

In his mind and his unquenchable heart

Alone with fair Nemo and her lithe form

The thinker plants his love and his seed

The fall of man explained in a moment

Of unrepentant and euphoric bliss

Tomorrow is for illumination

Tonight is the time for lovers and life


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