Funny, Limerick, poetry

Yet MORE Limericks!

There once was a man from Leicester

Who let his rotten teeth fester

His breath was so stinky

His gums so black and inky

His dentist threw him a fiesta!


His name was Caleb O’Ladd

He was named for his maternal grand-dad

His grandfather was poor

And wished he could give more

But the name was all that he had


There once was a woman from Fordham

Whose love life was nothing but boredom

So she went to the clinic

She entered a cynic

And exited a good sight more buxom!


I am not much of a cook

But I’ll fry up what I catch on a hook

From snapper to salmon

I’ll make it happen

Without a recipe or even a book


There once was a man from San Juan

Who really could not help but yawn

Everything bored him

So everyone ignored him

From sun up until the next dawn


There once was a lady from Boise

Whose derriere was really quite noisy

She’d cause people to start

With her monstrous fart

It goes without saying  her reputation was lousy








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