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Day in the Life of a Professional Writer

I realized today that I do not often talk about my personal life on this blog. Well I intend to remedy that mistake today. I will not bore you with a listing of everything about myself, if you are a regular reader you know enough about my interests and thoughts. I will talk about what I do day to day, or what I have been doing lately.

I am nearing the end of a long process, a journey even, the process of finishing my first complete novel. It’s topic is the papacy, specifically the papacy before the 20th century. I am secretive about my projects mostly out of shyness and a natural paranoia but I can disclose that this project was not the one I thought would be my first finished novel. My long term project, whose working title is “The Dionysian Man” (it will  not be called this when finished)  is about half of the way through and will be done probably by 2014. My pope project should be done and ready for the final edits before the end of the next spring. I hope to find an agent or a publisher next year.

I am working on three novels at the moment because I hate myself and don’t have a life…no, it is more because I have far too many ideas. I am a slow writer when it comes to finishing long projects. I have 200 plus poems finished, a book of short stories nearly completion, a completed play, and two essays that I am preparing to self-publish on Amazon Kindle. The link to those two essays will be proudly displayed on this site soon enough.

I am reading many things at the moment, as I always am. These include a history of the papacy by John Julius Norwich (naturally), a history of German thought and literature, some wonderful books on evolution and dinosaur science, The Dream of Reason, a history of Ancient philosophical thought, and various other things depending on my mood.

I want to end by thank all of my followers and my subscribers on this blog. It has made my art worthwhile to hear from all of you and to see your feedback, and it makes me happy every day to see all the people from everywhere on earth who are interested in what this autistic self-employed writer from Sycamore Illinois has to say. I hope I can keep you all interested and entertained well into the future.




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