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Star Wars VII: Things I Do NOT Want to See (And a few things I do)

In a move that came out of f**king nowhere Disney has bought Lucas Film and the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas (who has 100% ownership of the company) for $4 Billion of cash and stock. In the press release announcing the sale Disney execs announced that the as yet untitled “Star Wars Episode VII” will be release in 2015. I for one am very excited about some new blood and new creativity being pumped into the franchise that was gravely damaged by Lucas’s mostly horrible prequels. As a fan I have few things I want to see in the new movie and even more things I do NOT want to see”

I do NOT want to see:

Any new Jar Jar Binks-esque comic relief characters

An over-dependence on digital FX technology

A “reboot” of the franchise that erases the history of the series

Any scenes inside of a government building or involving legislative procedure



Things I WOULD like to see:

Cameo by Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

A good script

A new and more sinister Emperor

More creature and make-up effects

More focus on the Rebel Alliance

An after the credits scene showing the torture and execution of Jar Jar Binks


Just some thoughts from a nerd fanboy. I am counting down to 2015 and I hope hope HOPE I will not be let down again



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