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Why I Will Be Voting For President Obama

I am not a Democrat. I consider myself an independent Democratic Socialist. I was a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party of the United States from 2007-2008 but have sense decided that party politics is not for me. Since I began voting in 2006 I have voted for Green Party candidate Rich Whitney and Democrat Pat Quinn for Governor of my home state of Illinois, Democrats Dick Durbin and Alexi Giannoulious for Senator from Illinois, Bill Foster twice for Congress from my district, and Barack Obama for President in 2008, though I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries (and still think she would have made a better president).

I have plenty of problems with the current President:

He has not been strong enough of an advocate for liberal principles against an obstructionist and insurgent conservative Congress

He has continued far too many of Bush II era national security strategies (targeted assassinations, staying in Afghanistan, Gitmo still open)

He has been far too friendly to corporate interests and investment bankers

He has done nothing on gun control

He can be aloof and maddeningly patient with people who do not deserve patience

On the other hand there are a few things about Obama that I really do like

He has kept his promise regarding getting out Iraq

He has not gotten us involved in any other land wars in Asia (Princess Bride for the win)

He killed Osama Bin Laden

He helped kill Gadafi and support the Libya rebels

He has crippled the Iranian nuclear program through sanctions

He is kind and understanding in his dealings with world leaders and other nations

He saved the American auto industry

He saved the economy from depression (but by using methods that did not go nearly far enough)

He has fought for LGBTQ Americans and their families, including repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

He nominated two incredibly well qualified female justices to the US Supreme Court

He has done more than any president since LBJ to improve the Health Care system of the United States

He has shown steady and mature leadership in dealing with natural disasters

There have been no major terrorist attacks on his watch

And most important of all: He is not Mitt Romney

Weighing the pros against the cons, and taking into account the unholy terror that is GOP candidate Mitt Romney, the choice is clear for me. I will help reelection President Barack Obama



3 thoughts on “Why I Will Be Voting For President Obama

  1. I feel almost exactly the same way. You will never agree with everything a candidate or President says or does. For me Barack Obama is the only choice because he is going in the correct direction. I won’t argue over individual issues now. That’s between me and My President; after he is re-elected. I will say that I am exstatic that we have a black President. It has opened the way for us to tallk about race and Racism; like adults; without the traditional defensiveness that has accompanied those conversations before Barack. It has also brought me into friendship with a whole bunch of people whose skin color covers the range from snow white to almost ebony; from many parts of the world. and all lover America. I hope these will continue after The President is re-elcted and as we go on to our next President in 2016. It was part of the reason I supported him in 08. This time I would vote for this man of dignity ; integrity; and empathy if he was fucking purple with yellow stripes.
    Details; they can kill you if we let them get in the way of the BIG issue. A little to the Left; or way, way, way far to the RIGHT.
    Great article. Barack the Vote

    • nme16 says:

      Thank you so much. I am happy to see that there are some real intelligent and well informed voters out there. I want to aspire to be one myself

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