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On Fear And Faith: My First Published Book!



I am so proud to announce that my first self-published work, “On Fear and Faith: A Declaration of Atheism”, is now available on the owned site! The book is about 30 pages long and deals with my personal atheism and how religious faith depends upon, and relates to, innate human fears.

I wrote this essay about 2 years ago as I was leaving college and wished to explore further my beliefs or lack thereof. I researched and wrote the pamphlet over 3 months and put a lot of my spare time not working on my novel into the process. It was a real labor of love and I am proud with what I have come up with.

The style is inspired by the great essays and philosophical tracts written by Montaigne, Bacon, Hitchens and Orwell. I only hope that I can reach and inspire, through my words and thoughts,  people  and maybe even help those who are struggling with problems of personal philosophy and belief.

Bellow is an excerpt from the book and then the link where you can purchase the book. The list price is under $6 which I think is a fair price and will allow almost anyone who wishes to be able to buy my book. If I get enough of a response I may even host a discussion on my blog about the book! I hope to hear from you about it and thank you for even reading this far.

EXCERPT FROM “On Fear and Faith: A Declaration of Atheism”:

Many people are “born into” mental slavery, to quote Bob Marley, but once they reach the age of maturity they are as responsible for their beliefs as their parents were when they first came of age. Familiarity with fear is not an excuse for choosing to live in it after being faced with the realities of a world governed in large part by fear and faith, even less so when that person has been reasonably educated and knows the difference between reason and faith. Are the adults of our world lost forever from the grasp of reason and intellectual freedom? Perhaps you think that with greater age it would be easier to use an appeal to reason and sanity in regards to the argument against religion. You would sadly be mistaken. Whenever I think of the problem of freeing grown minds in the thrall of fear I remember a conversation I had once with a young evangelical Christian. This was perhaps a year ago, and I was sitting in the common room of my residence hall reading a book. There was a group of young people animatedly talking on a set of couches about 20 feet to my left. One of this group (a young man I will call John) walked over to me and politely inquired as to what I was reading. I told him that it was a book about the intellectual and religious origins of creationism. A look of quite excitement crept across his face. He asked what I thought about creationism. It was at this point that I realized that John was a Christian. 

If you want to read more buy it here:

Thank you!

L’Ennemi (Noah Mann-Engel)



3 thoughts on “On Fear And Faith: My First Published Book!

    • nme16 says:

      Thank you so very much. I am so appreciative to all of my readers and followers. I means so much to get so much support for my art.

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