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“A Well Regulated Militia”…A Few Common Sense Gun Regulations

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In the wake of the Newtown Tragedy and the creeping holocaust of gun deaths that plague this nation we must finally address the problem that we have been facing for years: inept, unenforced, and impotent gun laws and regulations. I will use this blog to address the problem of a violence culture that plagues our society at another time, but for now I simply wish to outline some simple, Constitutional regulations that will make people safer and make our gun laws up to the international standard observed in most Industrialized nations.

1. The ATF Needs a head administrator. There is no excuse for the Administration tasked with regulating a constitutionally protected item going without a leader for 6 years. The GOP has blocked any and every person President Obama has put forward. This must end. And if it does not end the President must take action and use his executive authority to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and its 2nd Amendment by creating a regulatory agency that actually does its job.

2. We must pass a comprehensive Assault Weapons Ban. This needs to go beyond the 1994 Crime Bill amendment dealing with certain assault weapons and accessories. We must ban all extended clips, all weapons used by our military or by the military of any other nation, and all ammunition designed for these weapons. And we must not create a giant loop-hole by allowing weapons already bought to be “grandfathered” in. An individual in possession of any of these illegal weapons and material should be given a year to turn them in. If you do not turn in the illegal items to your local police or to the ATF then you will pay a fine…$5000 seems a nice round number. If you do not turn them in after another 6 months has passed you will get a criminal citation and the police will come to confiscate the weapon. Another fine, this time $10,000, will be assessed for their trouble. No prison time, no “camps” or “black helicopters”, just give up the deadly weapons and equipment. You even get a year to do it.

3. Gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers should be taxed at 50% for every gun made or sold and at 75% for every bullet made or sold. This tax will go into a fund to pay for gun safety classes, the administration of the ATF, and a national gun buyback program that will have offices in most major cities and in every state. A fair price will be set for any gun, legal or illegal, that is brought in.

4. Mandatory gun safety training, paid for by the aforementioned tax, for any person who purchases a weapon not intended for sport or hunting, administered by specially trained local law-enforcement or ATF Agents. This gun training license will be up for renewal ever 3 years, and if failed or skipped the gun owner will have 6 months to take the test again and pass or risk losing their gun for a period not to exceed 1 year. If the test is failed or skipped 3 times in a row gun ownership rights will be suspended for a period not to exceed 3 years.

5. There will be a national gun registry that lists the social security number, name, and gun registration number of every weapon owned. These records will open only to law enforcement after a judges order or a warrant is issued. This registry WILL NOT be used as a “crime fighting” tool, and it cannot be used to track or to inform others of gun ownership status. This registry will be administered jointly by the ATF and the Social Security Administration.

6. No person who has been hospitalized for suicidal action, mental illness leading to an assault or threat of an assault against another person, or who has been found not guilty of a violent crime due to mental incapacity shall be allowed to own or purchase a firearm of any kind.

7. No one convicted of a violent crime shall ever be allowed to own or purchase a firearm of any kind. No one convicted of domestic violence or child abuse of any kind shall be allowed to own or purchase a firearm of any kind. People who are subject to an order of protection issued by a Judge, magistrate, or law enforcement authority shall be limited firearms used for sport and/or hunting purposes. Once the order of protection expires/is lifted the individual shall have all gun rights restored if that individual has not been convicted of a violent crime or child abuse of any kind.

8. Trigger locks will be mandatory for all guns, including those used for sport and/or hunting. All weapons transported in a vehicle shall have the lock on them and shall be placed in a clearly marked container in the trunk of the vehicle.

9. No one under the age of 18 shall be allowed to own or handle a firearm that is not for sport and/or hunting.

10. Firearms will be banned on all federal land, all state land, in all public buildings, schools, hospitals, and places of worship, except in the case of law enforcement or licensed security officers.

11. Individuals shall not be allowed to purchase more than three [3] firearms manufactured for a purpose other than sport and/or hunting made after 1945 in any one year period. The exception being guns that are specifically antique in nature or have been rendered incapable of firing live ammunition. Individuals shall not be allowed to own more than ten [10]  firearms manufactured for a purpose other than sport and/or hunting made after 1945.

12. Private ownership of fully automatic weapons  or equipment/material used to retro-fit a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon will be banned without exception.

13. Firearms shall not be allowed on any commercial aircraft or form of transportation that crosses state lines, the exception being firearms that are manufactured for sport and/or hunting purposes.

14. Gun Shows will not be allowed to sell firearms of any kind to any individual without first adhering to all applicable  laws and regulations listed above.

15. All “stand your ground” laws will be overturned.

16. Concealed carry shall be outlawed in all circumstances for any individuals who are not members of law enforcement.

17. Public open carry will be restricted to areas not prohibited by the laws and regulations listed above.

18. Legally buying firearms in one state to sell privately in another shall be illegal.


I think if we pass and follow these basic regulations we will be a safer society for gun owners and those who are in danger of being impacted by gun violence. Nothing I suggested above would abolish the right to bear arms for anyone who follows the rules and takes responsibility for their gun ownership. Guns are a part of American life and most likely always will be. That does not mean we need to live in a modern day wild west.


24 thoughts on ““A Well Regulated Militia”…A Few Common Sense Gun Regulations

  1. hoplite0352 says:

    I’m a gun owner. I also own an “assault rifle”. If such rules were put in place I wouldn’t turn my guns over. Are you suggesting that cops violate the 4th Amendment and go door to door searching people’s houses for guns? I could be reading you wrong. I would hope you mean that cops would at least need to get sufficient probable cause to get a search warrant.

    Also, I’m just curious and we needn’t debate it if you don’t want, what exactly do you think the 2nd Amendment is for?

    • nme16 says:

      I think the 2nd Amendment was a paranoid mistake from a bunch of rich white men who saw “arms” as weapons that took almost a minute and a half to load and fire. And no, I would not advocate cops going door to door. You volunteer to turn your guns in, and if you do not and there is probably cause to think that you have one of these weapons/one of these weapons is used or purchased by you then the police would get a warrant and retrieve it.

      • nme16 says:

        Well from the southern members of the congress in particular they were terrified of an armed central government taking their property… i.e. slaves and the products and property “earned” from their exploitation. For the rest, they wanted to make sure that the democratic mob did not take control and overthrow the established economic order.

  2. hoplite0352 says:

    I’ll accept your premise that these were paranoid white men. But accepting that premise being 2A, how do do your rules align with 2A instead of violating it? It seems that if we want to repeal 2A we should do so via amendment, not by making up rules and telling everyone we still respect it.

    Seems if the government got to decide who was allowed to own a gun, but 2A exists to turn those guns on the government then such a provision (among others above) would violate it.

    • nme16 says:

      I do not agree with the concept that the overall concept of the 2A was to turn guns on the government. I said I though that was the purpose of it in the minds of many or some of the founders, especially rich property owners and southerners. Notice in the amendment there is a reference to a WELL REGULATED militia, and therefore a well regulated right to bear arms. Regulation is not restriction.

      • hoplite0352 says:

        But technically if you regulated everything down to a flintlock pistol would that not be a restriction for all practical purposes?

        But you do make a good point. If 2A exists for the militia it would seem that there’d be much more justification for regulating handguns than to regulate “assault rifles” or machine guns. Yet it is the opposite position that the country seems to be pursuing.

        I’d also be much more comfortable with some of these restrictions if I didn’t find myself being called a racist, put on a government watch list, etc if I ever attempted to start a well regulated militia.

      • nme16 says:

        I am not one of those leftwingers who think that every gun owner is nut job or a racist, but I do find the impulse to form a militia a rather paranoid and alien one…but then again I do not feel threatened by my government. Some people do, for better or worse. With that fact in mind I would rather err on the side of regulation leaning towards restriction, but not passing the line into actual prohibition.

      • nme16 says:

        And by the way this is THE most intelligent, levelheaded, kind, and professional talk on the issue I have ever had with any gun-rights supporter. I really appreciate this sort of dialogue and I salute you for it.

  3. hoplite0352 says:

    No worries. It’s funny because I am in the “cold dead hands” camp. I do feel threatened by my government. In a post Patriot Act world and one where my vote doesn’t count (Bush v. Gore?) I feel like it is imperative to be well armed.

    That said, not everyone feels that way. For some it’s a choice and for just as many it’s just simply never crossed their mind to see a gun as anything other than what it’s hyped as being by the media. People on either side aren’t evil; they’re making the best guesses from their experience.

    Either way, it’s amazing that people even debate this issue. People get so nasty with each other than I don’t know if anyone ever changes their position. I don’t understand how we expect our children to resolve issues peacefully when we are so uncivil with each other.

    I will never give up my guns. I see them as protection from when the government does overstep its bounds. I will fight and die to protect that right. But I will do so with only the heaviest heart because quite often the person on the other side is a kind, loving person that thinks that they’re doing the right thing as well.

    • nme16 says:

      A admirable sentiment. One that I disagree with, but one that is indeed admirable. I wish more talks about the issue could be as constructive as this one has been. I am living proof that people can change their opinions though: I was once rather more pro-gun rights then I am now, but with reading on the issue, studying history (I was a history major in college and I am a life long military history fanatic) and seeing how our culture has become ever more obsessed with protecting itself from…something, I have become firmly pro-gun control. That being said, I do not want to take all guns from everyone. Just certain types of guns from some people in some circumstances.

    • nme16 says:

      I’m also a pragmatist: The government has millions of automatic weapons, tanks, rockets, ships of war, planes, and oh yeah, nuclear weapons. Owning a shot gun or an AR-14 ain’t gonna do shit if they decide to go all Nazi on our asses…not that they ever will 😉

    • nme16 says:

      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      • Ahaaaaaa! I knew it had to do with the formation of militias, not the right to stockpile assault weapons and cop-killer bullets! But then again, I seen some o’ them militias and what they are about. Kinda scary, some of them!

      • nme16 says:

        The militias are supposed to be state regulated and maintained…what those idiots in the Michigan and Idaho wilderness are doing is actually domestic terrorism. I hate those guys. Often a bunch of racists as well

      • Good, I didn’t want to go too far with my complaints there just in case. But frankly, I agree totally. They seem like incubators for the kind of frontier sociopathic nonsense that created Timothy McVeigh and the greater population of the Tea Party.

  4. I take issue with the “Licensed Security Officers” exemption since it pretty much means that 1%ers get to keep their armed bodyguards while the 99% has to play 911 roulette.

    Read Warren v. District of Columbia and Castle Rock v. Gonzales. Courts have ruled that we have no actionable right to police protection unless we are a public official.

    • nme16 says:

      The problem of the Federal courts protecting the 1% is an issue that troubles me as well…hence why I think that private security should be fazed out or at least disarmed.

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