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A Savage Grace


25 years of madness dripped

From your gracious blade

You bore Napoleon

Wellington shed his tears

On the sword

It rusts

Along with the crown on every

Hobgoblin monarch’s head

1 million bullets

Tore flesh from brittle


Nothing left for men to consign

To their pauper’s graves


A savage grace

Never came at such a cheap price

And yet

The bill came due to the highest bidder

Laughing as he reassessed his stake

Militant millipedes marching to the tune

Of a patriotic screams

And the cannonade

The musketeers

The bayonets and

The children’s fears

Of Boney man

And Gilly teens

And Robespierre

And other such silly things

Nightmares of a generation born

From a Irish liar’s pen

Bash your head against the medieval walls

Break the siege with a wooden plank

Never keep headcheese past its date

Chew the cud and dance the pasa doble

They’ll shoot into the crowd either way

Rolling heads and cockades

Stumped on by a ingenuous King

One nation’s fury a dozen more’s


To let lose the hounds

Apres moi le deluge

Baying as the tide sweeps them away


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