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Fiscal Cliff Vote Happening Any Minute


The House GOP leadership will soon allow a vote on the Senate Fiscal Cliff/Tax cut bill that the Vice President and the Minority Leader worked on earlier today. The last debates on the House bill are on CSPAN right now. Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor are now in open warfare over the votes needed to pass the bill. Cantor wants to torpedo the economy and give the shaft to the middle class to uphold radical libertarian economic dogma. Boehner I think just want a drink.

The first procedural vote is happening right now with the big vote to follow soon.

While there are many problems with this compromise I am heartened that a compromise has happened. Taxes go up on 450k+ income (a slight compromise that many liberals are going nuts about but pragmatist left wingers like my self see as fine), unemployment insurance, vital to a recovery, is extended, and taxes remain low on the middle class and the working poor. President Obama did his best with this horrible situation. He has had to fight like mad on issues that used to be routine or at least relatively simple. The GOP seems to think that if they can shut down government they can blame the chaos on Obama…this has not been working so well for them. Like it or not, the first African American President reelected to a second term in offices is NOT going away.

Now on to the debt ceiling…yippie.


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