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Alex Jones: The Poison of Fear


As you are probably aware if you have a TV, Twitter, and live in the United States, Alex Jones, he of the conspiracy driven radio hate rant, just blew up on Live tv. He was on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN tonight to discuss the petition he started to get Morgan deported for his views on the 2nd Amendment and his recent arrest for refusing to comply with safety regulations at an airport. Jones is known for his bombast and for shouting down those who present facts that disprove his paranoid lies. I will not dignify his filth by disproving any of his paranoid theories at length, but I do have a few things to say on the matter

1. Just because you scream loud and proud about the UN, black helicopters, and poison floride water and people in power disagree with you DOES NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT BY DEFAULT. This is the problem with most libertarians: prove them wrong with facts and that just proves to them that the facts were faked by “the powers that be”. There is no winning in that sort of debate.

2. Anti-depressants do not lead to more suicide than people who are NOT on anti-depressants. I take anti-depressants. My wife does. Many if not most of my friends do. Millions of people do. And yet I am not seeing streets running red with blood from people killing themselves because Zoloft made them do it. People need these meds. Some people DESPERATELY need them. To lie and say that it is part of a plot by the government and corporations to kill people makes you complicate in the suffering and death of the millions who do not have mental health care or medication. So fuck you.

3. If the black helicopters were really coming, don’t you think it would have happened by now?

4. Just because you are a nut with a gun does not mean you can fight of the US government.

5. If you own 50 guns (like Alex Jones claims to) I am going to go ahead and say you may be overreacting just a tad.

6. The UN can’t agree on what day it is. Do you REALLY think it has the wherewithal to plan a mass campaign of genocide and brainwashing?

7. If you see Piers Morgan as a threat in any sense then I really have to question  your sanity

and FINALLY: Calm DOWN man…Smoke a joint and mellow out a bit. You are going to die of a heart attack if you don’t slow your roll a bit, Mr. Jones.

This is what happens when fear overturns reason and faith in that same fear drives on to believe whatever it takes to make the scary thoughts go away. I have much more to say on this topic in my book…hence the shameless plug for it. Mmmm…capitalism.

FEAR AND FAITH BOOK: https://www.createspace.com/3986497


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