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A Toast


A toast to culture

Can’t you see

The importance of society?

The blushing priest

The bumbling bride

The half-crazed Czar

And the restless cries

Of the old and hungry

Sick and worn

Their clothing tattered

The dreams forlorn

The gelding princes mince and sway

Across the boulevards and public parks

Performing farces wherever they stop to shit

Urchins gather round their ankles

Lapping up the drippings of high art

The rich eat prose and shit out rhyme

Aesthetic effluvia gobbled up by time

Behold! Hordes of barbarians

Dressed as prime society men

Drinking gin and sniffing snuff

Voting down the rights of man

They grin and lift their boney hands

Up to the distant vaulted roof

Cracks appear

And down it falls

The only people left to peer

Upon the ruins of democratic resolve

Are the rats and capitalists


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