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Christopher Dorner in Shootout at Big Bear Lake


BREAKING: At Great Bear Lake in South California suspected cop killer and former police officer Christopher Dorner is engaged in a shootout with LAPD and California Fish & Game officers. Two officers have been injured and gunshots were heard live on TV.

The LAPD has been under fire for their treatment of this case and their shootings of at three people unrelated to Dorner by mistake during the search for Dorner, who claims that the Department is covering up racism and racial violence and persecution within the police force. In a manifesto he posted on his Facebook page Dorner has claimed he will not be taken alive and that he wants to take as many police officers down with him as possible.

It remains to be seen, as some of Dorner’s accusations are now beginning to be investigated and substantiated, whether the LAPD will attempt to take this man alive.

Just another in a long line of embarrassments for the LAPD. Shameful

More updates coming later…cameras are live at the scene as I speak, and Dorner is holed up inside of a cabin. He is presumed heavily armed.


Here is the full manifesto of former Officer Christopher Dorner. Read it for yourself and don’t get the media and left/right media spin


The cabin Dorner was holed up in has caught fire after a prolonged gun battle with the police on the scene. There are no reports of anyone escaping from the fire. No one is saying how the fire started. One of the deputies who engaged Dorner in a shootout earlier in the day has died and the other is injured and still being hospitalized. Some networks are even preempting the State of the Union for the stakeout.


KCBS in LA is reporting that a body is being taken out of the cabin by first responders. This standoff appears to be over. KCBS has also reported that some chatter on police scanners indicates the fire may have been a ploy by law enforcement to “smoke” the subject out into the open. Seems an odd way to “peacefully” end a standoff, doesn’t it?


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