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I Worship a Mirror

Narcissus Caravaggio

If we are to live as men without god

Then we must first realize that we are the deity

We are the invisible hand we revere

We are washed clean of sin with our own blood don’t you see?

Haven’t you always found it to be odd

That god always seemed to be free

From scruples and blame and the mere

Doubt that afflicts and affects humanity?

I never saw fit to spare the rod

When came to that child of folly

Called variously faith or fear

I spoiled the lie when I realized that I was God and God was me

Though I cannot help but applaud

The shear brilliance of the self-delusion and stupidity

Inherent in looking in the mirror

And seeing not a reflection but a deity


The Song of the Hedonist

Sing me a song of temptation

And I’ll dance like a Dionysian child

For if there’s a hint of elation

In your voice well then my spirit will go wild

Everything is partaken of freely

Though nothing is taken for granted

The aroma of salvation is deadly

But its dangerous reputation is vaunted

Tethered to the immortal credo

A tin-pot lie sold to us as the golden truth

Don’t the prophet’s realize what we do?

Theodicy is getting a bit long in the tooth

For once let us gain from our progress

Instead of fleeing from change in all forms

For faith is an infinite regress

That feeds upon long discredited norms

Religion is naught but a draught

Taken by the platonic to sooth their wavering consciences

Sobriety is what we have sought

So that we can finally enjoy our corporeal senses

We live for our dreams and our pleasures

We die when our bodies have been run down

We enjoy the earth’s Hedonistic treasures

And we waste not a moment on fear or penitent frowns


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