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Michelle Malkin Insults Women Everywhere


Professional conservative apologist (for racism, capitalist exploitation, sexism and homophobia) Michelle Malkin is known for her inane and bigoted statements but I think she has crossed some sort of line with her latest post

The  University of Colorado- Colorado Springs has supposedly (according to her “source” at least) posted some information on how to prevent rape on campus. What she lists, if she is to be believed, is rather silly and paternalistic but it does not rise to the level of assault against the dignity of all who behold it…Malkin’s main problem seems to be that the advice and the advice offered by a Colorado state Rep. does not including purchasing a handgun and blasting away at any and all comers. She says that liberal gun safety advocates want women in danger..“Passive resistance” is what the gun-grabbers want to impose on all of us” she claims. Well…ok. That is a stupid, but nothing that raises above the bilge Malkin usually spews. What comes next is just pure misogyny and rape apology at its worst

Malkin claims that the University forgot one “surefire deterrent: Dress up as a Code Pink activist.” When I read this I literally thought my eyes had deceived me: had this woman just made the claim that being a Code Pink activist made you impervious to rape? I read it a few times before this really sunk in…this woman had just joked that Code Pink activists were…what? I honestly don’t know what she was trying to say with this horrible “joke”. I don’t want to know. It is the worst type of rape “humor”: belittling women both by claiming that their appearance or identity can prevent or cause rape while at the same time making sexual violence into something that can be laughed at and dismissed. Malkin, through her terrible sexism and attempt at “humor” insults all women, men, and victims of sexual violence. She has gone too far this time. She brings shame down on herself and on the entire conservative blogging community who supports her and laughs at her disgusting excuse for “humor”. This incident happens to coincide with a terrible trending topic on twitter relating to sexual violence and making jokes about it. If this is not a war on women I do not know what is.

Malkin should apologize to women and victims of sexual violence and she should do so publicly. 

Here is the link to the blog I have been referring to, and a screenshot of the offensive joke. I have a feeling it may be scrubbed soon so I am glad I was able to document it.



5 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin Insults Women Everywhere

  1. Good work on this post. Malkin is trash. She degrades so many people, and for nothing more than ratings. She’s a sensation-whore. Malkin wrote a book about how Arab-Americans should be placed in WWII styled internment camps after 9/11.

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