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I love Project Runway!

My wife and I watch it together every Thursday and we are downright obsessed with it. When I tell some of my male friends this they give me a weird sort of look but then I just pity them…BECAUSE THIS SHOW FREAKING ROCKS!

I have watched since about season 4 and the show has actually increased my interest in fashion and made me realize the true art behind it all. No other show on TV shows artists in such a positive light and gives them the free reign to be totally creative. Art on TV is so often made into a tacky one-off stunt but Project Runway takes the fashion world seriously. Of course there is the product placement and the commercialism but that is to be expected from a major cable network show…the thing that works for it as well is that the show is about an industry dependent and connected with the media and product world. As a socialist it is my filthy capitalist scum guilty pleasure!

Another great thing about the show is it shows gay men, lesbians and LGBT-friendly men in a positive and sympathetic light. Too often we are shown straight men and women who are “afraid” of people from the LGBT community but this show depicts a world where people can get along and care about each other for who they are and support each other because of the content of their character and the substance of their talent. It is cliche to say but it is really inspiring to me. There are so many LGBT people in my own life who I love and care about and so often the media shows the LGBT community in a negative or exploitative light. This show shows members of this community, and their straight friends and family, in a position of power, authority, and pride. It is a good thing to see on TV, especially in the US.

Tim Gunn is perhaps the most likable man on TV, the man who I think everyone (myself included) wishes were their grandfather or uncle! Heidi Klum is the one model who is approachable and down to earth, and she is gorgeous and friendly. And the judges they have on always seem to genuinely enjoy their job on the show and taking part.

Some of my favorite designers have been the odd-balls: Christian Siriano, Kenley Collins, Mondo Guerra, and and Uli Herzner are my three all time favorites. I have an outright crush on Uli and Kenley…they are so beautiful and confident and artistic women always really appeal to me.

Even the “failures” on the show make an impact and show off the imagination and the skill of these artists. You can all but feel the passion of these artists radiating off of the screen. It really inspires me as an artist.

If you have not watched this show, get into it NOW! Go look up the old seasons and try and catch up! It is easily the best “reality TV” show. It is SO MUCH FUN!


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