Pope, Pope Benedict XVI



We are on the 6th vote for Pope at the moment. Waiting for the smoke to appear. This is what papacy nerd like me live for. I am actually able to write my novel about a historical papal conclave WHILE watching a conclave unfold in real time. This is a rare opportunity for me.

Here is a live feed of the Sistine Chapel chimney…note the seagull that keeps landing on the damn thing and photobombing the conclave! The bird is reminding me of the story of the ancient Pope Fabian…according to legend he was chosen when a dove landed on his head in a crowded square in Rome!


I hope we have news soon…I am guess Gregory or Pius for a name. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

UPDATE: White Smoke from the Sistine Chapel. Pope elected. More to come…

UPDATE: Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina has been elected Pope Francis I


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