Philosophy of Art, poetry, Politics

I Swallowed A Fist


I swallowed a fist


I took it down

My throat

And it acted a

Severed pugilist

All the way into my gullet

Wherefore art thou


I need a vault looked at

I’ve seen things

I never thought I’d see

And guess what

I have seen them

In stunning HD

Pleased to meet you

Said the rake

Who pulled his collar up

The effect was like the Dilophosaurus

In Jurassic Park

He did not spit poison at me

But he did blind me with

Gobs and gobs

Of prepackaged “corn sugar”


Guess what?

He choked on my disinterest

And died

Mouth foaming on

The floor

But I am distracted by

Five fingers

Tapping on my chest from the

Inside striving to claw out

Inside of my ribcage

In itching agony


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