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Memorial Day 2013


We are always told that is the duty of every American to remember the war dead of our “great republic”, the thousands that have died to protect our freedoms. Those of us who know better know that this is bullshit. The vast majority of American conflicts have been over economic hegemony, exploitation, and bogus national security interests. This memorial day let us remember the true heroes…the millions who have been killed by American Imperial aggression.

Millions of people from the various indigenous tribes and Nations of the Americas were slaughtered by American forces and settlers moving west, North and South. Millions were moved to concentration camps and left to die in horrid conditions. To this day they are exploited and largely ignored and un-cared for.

At least a million and probably many more Vietnamese were slaughtered by US forces and illegal bombing campaigns. Millions were maimed or disabled by defoliating agents and poisons dropped from the skies onto their villages and cities. All so we could “stop” communism, or, more accurately to establish capitalist hegemony over the region.

Hundreds of thousands have been killed in Central and South America due to American colonial interventions justified by the brutal and paternalistic “Monroe Doctrine” and the “Drug War”. Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Haiti, Grenada, Panama…Brutal dictators were propped in these regions by the American government and military and Corporations and they have killed and tortured hundreds of thousands.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were starved to death by the brutal and needless sanctions demanded by the US and its international and corporate allies. Hundreds of thousands were killed and maimed in the Gulf Wars that preceded and followed these evil sanctions.

US forces and Corporations helped to exploit and intimidate Imperial China and her population during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The US also bombed thousands during the Chinese Civil war and WWII.

At the behest of Corporate power, specifically the Dole company, The United States overthrew the government of and annexed the independent Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by the US Army Air Force in the largely punitive bombing campaigns against German cities during WWII. Dresden was totally leveled and the vast majority of targets were purely civilian in nature.

The US remains the only nation to have used nuclear arms and they did it against the civilian populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing over half a million from the bombs themselves and the radiation and disease that continues to this very day.

The US brutally invaded and annexed large segments of Mexico and assaulted, exploited and slaughtered thousands of Mexicans and Native peoples in the process

The US bombed the Balkans and killed thousands of civilians

US forces have raped and assaulted at least tens of thousands of women and men during its wars and later occupations.

The US has propped up the brutal religious dictatorship in Saudi Arabia in order to secure access to oil and natural gas resources.

The US has killed tens of thousands in its useless punitive war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and continues to slaughter hundreds with its drone attacks on largely civilian populations.

The US army has experimented with chemicals, medicines and weapons on civilian populations in the US and Central America for over a century.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the atrocities committed by the US, its Military and the corporations they are beholden to. For once let us remember the victims of our greed and hubris. For once let us admit that we are the greatest enemy to peace and social progress in the world.

Happy Memorial Day




4 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2013

  1. ArWalther says:

    and remember, Americans will be grilling steaks, sipping lemonade and relaxing in their backyards, completely oblivious, whilst these atrocities continue. Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

  2. Whatever says:

    The First Amendment, you know, the one that allows you voice your opinion, as poor as it may be, allows you to spew hate like this. Your country, you know the United States, allows you to say this freely. Oh, the men and women, you know, the ones that died serving and protecting your families, they would be saddened. Those same men and women, the people who sever today, they still go to work everyday knowing they are protecting people like you. And, your sources, the totally inaccurate internet sources, I don’t even have to look them up to find the inaccuracies. Lastly, people like you, the ones that take up arms and kill innocent children in their schools or blow people up at a marathon, should move to a better country. You should move to a country that is truely a criminal state. Nobody needs you here spewing how this country commits attrocities. Your purpose is not to educate, it’s to incite hatred and violence. You are no better than the country you are trying to put down. Move out and don’t look back. We will both be happier.
    Happy Memorial Day

    • nme16 says:

      I don’t know, I like it here hehe And no one died for MY freedoms except for workers and social activists! Workers of the World Unite!

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