Paula Deen Is A Filthy Racist…And Other Unsurprising Facts


If you have not heard about Paula Deen and her very public implosion into a racist shill here is the cliff’s notes version:

Mrs. Deen, Her Husband, and her brother Bubba (no I am not kidding about that) have been sued by a former employee who claims that they sexually harassed, abused and exploited employees at their restaurants. The employee also accused the trio of blatant and gross racism in their treatment of black employees including forcing them to use a separate bathroom then other employees and customers and using the “n-word”. In a deposition dealing with the charges Mrs. Deen also let it be known that she has used the slur many times in the past and still uses it as a “joke”. She also reveals herself to be…oddly enamored with the idea of middle aged black men in tuxedos serving her food at parties and weddings. Ok.

I am personally not surprised by these accusations and I am sure that most if not all of them are true. The South has a terrible historyof racism, violence and bigoted attitudes, even more so than the rest of the country. White people down there tend to apologize for their behavior, like Mrs. Deen has, by saying it was “how they were raised” and that the past was not as bad as people make it out to be. This is the answer of intellectually dishonest people and people who do not understand their own history and culture. If as a white person in the South you think that life for black people was, and in many ways continues to be, anything less than hellish then you are an idiot and need to quick education. Mrs. Deen put up an “apology” video that was quickly removed after people started to lampoon and mock her even more. She should be mocked. I hope she, her husband and her disgusting brother lose everything, especially considering they made their fortune selling terrible food and exploiting their workers, many of them minorities.

CBS is reporting that the Food Network has chosen not to renew their contract with Mrs. Deen when it expires at the end of the month. All I can say is good riddance…we do not need idiotic, simple-minded racists on TV, or anywhere else, anymore.


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