Africa, Egypt

Egypt In Midst of A Revolution


As an outsider I am not going to even try and analyze all of the issues facing the Egyptian people today in Tahrir Square…but I will report what I have heard so far on this truly monumental day in human history

The 48 hour deadline set by the Egyptian Military has passed and there are reports of Tanks deployed in the streets

Morsi is defiant and has said he will not step down. The Muslim Brotherhood has claimed they will “shed blood” to protect the president.

The crowd in Tahrir is chanting “we have deposed two presidents!”

A large pro-Morsi protest is happening outside of Cairo University

Morsi is said to be de facto deposed and is a prisoner in the Presidential palace but others are reporting that no one knows where Morsi is at the moment

Morsi has said he is willing to form a “coalition transition” government but the Military leader Al-Sisi has yet to respond

Military may suspend constitution and appoint temporary head of state

More to come…

watch the live feed on Al Jazeera

UPDATE: General Al-Sisi has spoken, and has suspended the constitution and overthrown the President “In the name of the people” and has called for new elections and a temporary government will be led by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


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