Entertainment, Satire

Pray For Chris Brown To Get Cancer And Die


Background to the following poem…the Singer Chris Brown brutally beat his one time girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, and then tried to dodge responsibility for it all. Unbelievably thousands of his “fans” (more like cultists and horny teenage idiots) stood up for him and blamed Rihanna for the incident. This is misogyny, bigotry, and stupidity. Mr. Brown has been rumored to have beat and harassed other women he has been in a relationship with and he is incredibly dismissive of the outrage many feel over his actions. Mr. Brown had a seizure while in the recording studio this afternoon…If only I believed in karma…So in “honor” of this woman-hating idiot I present this little poem…

Let us all

As one nation

Pray fervently

For Chris Brown

The Woman Beater

To Get Cancer

Of the testicles

And die

And if you do not pray

Just really hope

He gets hit

By a bus


Say NO to violence against women. Say NO to misogyny. Say NO to idiots who celebrate idiot celebrities like Chris Brown.


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