A Note On My Dreams


The dreams I have are strange and disconcerting, often consisting of a straightforward narrative that starts with a family gathering, moves to a falling out with or rejection by my family, and then a period where I wander about the dreamscape, often a large event or place like a mall or hotel or amusement park, usually with a small animal or child in tow that I must care for. Feelings of abandonment and fear are common in these dreams. The world itself seems hostile and the actions of my family re-enforce this narrative. It is usually my father and my mother and occasionally my maternal grandmother who ostracize and verbally abuse me. When the rejection comes it is usually as a result of my being in some sort of need, material, emotional or otherwise. They reject my need and condemn me for being a “demanding” or “needy” person who does nothing but burden and frustrate them.  It is around this time that the small animal/child appears in my arms or at my side and I must wander about with it in the landscape of my dream, looking for assistance or at least comfort. The feeling of being watched and judged builds as I continue through the landscape becoming ever more and more scared and frustrated. This usually culminates in the dream losing focus and becoming more and more a wandering fable of rejection and misinterpretation. The dreams ends with me waking up, usually in the mid to late morning, and feeling alone and abandoned.


One thought on “A Note On My Dreams

  1. I fully recommend the dreamer’s dictionary by Barbara Condron ISBN 0-944386-16-4

    In that book you will find there is a way to understand your dreams in a sensible manner. I use it faithfully.

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