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A Personal Update On My Art


After a few solid weeks of writers block I have finally begun to write once more. I am working on my novel, some poems and of course this blog. I am also consolidating my poetry from the past 6 years into a large volume that will include poems I have published on this blog and many more that have never seen the outside of my notebooks. The work will be entitled “A Breeze” and will have well over 100 poems. The cover will be created by my goof friend the artist Jessica Rue.

(here is her website if you want to check out her excellent and thought provoking work )

I am also publishing my first complete play “Don Juan or Comeuppance” a comedy of errors set in 17th century Wales. I am also feeling out ways of getting this work performed live in Chicago or in the suburbs or surrounding states in the midwest. If anyone out there is interested in this project please send me a message and I can send you a digital copy of the work! I am also working on finishing a long term project of mine, a play I will call “The Greek Project” for secrecy’s sake. It is an epic tragedy and I hope someday to see it performed. I am also finishing the family drama “The Allentown Reformation”, a play about how secrets and religious differences can tear apart a family. I am also working on putting out a collection of my essays on politics and economics under the title “Letters Concerning A New Socialism”.

I of course am also continuing work on my novellas “Liberta” and “The Dream of Father Pagomari” and my novel I will call “The German Project” for secrecy’s sake. I hope to be finished with the novellas by next summer and the novel by 2015.

My self published books “Libertarianism & Democracy” and “Fear & Faith” are selling better then I ever thought possible and I really have you my readers and subscribers to thank for that. If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy here are the links:

Fear & Faith — Price $5

Libertarianism & Democracy —Price $5

I hope all my readers are well! I look forward to putting out these projects and to hearing from all of you regarding them and whatever projects you all have going on!



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