The Golden Ass



I laugh!

You are transformed

And I watched you change

Moribund stranger

I watched you change from a young man into a crone!

For so long you wandered and played like a young ass in the dunes

You were a child of fortune, and then a man of distinction

But You were laden with so many jewels and so much empty praise

You began to show your age before your age had come

So you changed

And I watched you change

You were so beautiful once

Like a golden ass

Your hair was yellow, a mane really

You were so strong when you were still oh so young

You sang songs

You kissed all the pretty girls

You were a warrior to be feared

What are you now?

You are an old crone with a stick and a story to tell about a youth that was transformed

No one believes your stories anymore

But I do

I watched you changed

I was there when you were called a Golden Ass

I was there when that was a name you took pride in


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