Conservatism, Conservatives

F**k Dynasty


Phil Robertson of A&E’s reality show abortion Duck Dynasty has revealed himself to be a racist, sexist, homophobic christian fundamentalist prick. I am not surprised that a stupid redneck is behaving as such but it is hilarious that the right wing is now defending him and saying it “violates” his first amendment rights that he was suspended from his TV show by a private company. I thought the right was against government interference in business affairs? Guess not when they get a chance to defend a man who compared gay relationships to fucking a goat.

This “man” is a piece of shit and A&E should cancel this hot messy turd of a program. If you want to know what this idiot has actually said about Gays, Nazi Germany, African Americans and non-Christians take a look at these links

Of course the usual nutjobs on the Right are defending him and calling for him to be made the new Pope (or so I assume). Sigh. The Right wing of this nation is a scary scary thing. The same people who called for Martin Bashir to be fired for his free speech are asking A&E to keep Robertson around. Hypocrisy at its finest.


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