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Michelle Malkin: Professional Idiot


I have made it something of a habit to attack/criticize/make fun of the living SNL sketch that is Michelle Malkin. Every time she opens her mouth or her word-processor something hilariously stupid, inane, and/or offensive comes out. There was the time she criticized the rights of public employees while those same public employees were busy risking their lives to save her house from a wild fire, and there is the horrible hypocrisy of her attacking immigrants and children of non-citizens when her background is exactly that of those people she demonizes. Today though she really made an effort to come off as a brain-dead fool.

In her newest post on her comedy blog—I mean commentary blog she decries “wealth-shaming” (a terrible insult to women who have to deal with actually slut-shaming) and also defends for billionaire Tom Perkins after his comments comparing criticism of the wealthy and their abuse of workers to Nazism. This woman has no shame at all and she proves it by going on with another terrible insult to the intelligence (or what passes for intelligence) of her readers. She posts a photo of a woman who is in front of a GOP party HQ building with a binder that says “My Libido and I vote Pro-Choice” and then invites her followers to attack the woman’s appearance, intelligence, and even her sexuality. She tweets: “Mamas, don’t raise your daughters to grow up to be…this ==>”. As if raising a woman who is proud of her body and sexuality and wants to protect her reproductive rights is shameful. “This”…she uses the word as though she were talking about some thing. The I suppose given that she seems to view women as merely vessels to hold the sacred fetus this is probably close to the truth.

Update: Michelle Malkin is now inviting her readers to send in photos of their biracial families under the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily…she claims MSNBC was being “racist” by pointing out that many right wingers support racist policies and deny white privilege. So in retaliation…she asks right wing people with biracial families to use their children and spouses as political props. This woman is really something else. It is the height of hypocrisy to attack a political news network for “racializing” issues while at the same time turning families, FAMILIES like her own, into tools to negate and deny the real damage that racial bias and systems of oppression really do to millions of Americans, including the children of biracial families. One Malkin supporter even tweeted me to say that marrying a person of another race negates white privilege and historical oppression. So much delusion…THIS is why MSNBC and others call out right wing families for hypocrisy. Rightfully.


Note on Italian Sonnets (From my Research)


Note on Guido Guinzzelli sonnet/Dante Vita Nuova: Nature as allegory for love and for its the effect on the senses. the “noble heart” is a thing of man but nature supplies the love that fills and fulfills it in a spiritual and expressionistic sense. “Nature did not make” either before the other to justify the creation of the latter; they are in fact complementary and a unified whole when brought together in the perfect circumstances of romantic and/or courtly love. Dante uses people, women, as an allegory for the perfect and the pure, in love, in philosophy, in reason. The women are not stand ins for these concepts so much as they are these concepts, the breath them and add to their glory and perfection through their all too real impression on the love-struck heart. Love is for “the noble heart” not because love is noble in and of itself but because the unity of love and the heart of a man stricken by a woman of true beauty is the truest and most perfect form of nobility, a nobility echoed in the perfection of nature and the god that created nature for man and around man as an expressed complementary and unitary vision. “Love takes its place in the noble heart/as its rightful dwelling.”–Guinzzelli, Al Cor Gentil. It is the fate of man to love and love ennobles the heart which is naturally open and waiting to receive its graces. It is simple rhetorical and creative step from this naturalism to allegorical understandings of principles and ideas reflected and made more pure by the charms and love of a woman.

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Richard Sherman Commits the Unforgivable Sin [Updated]


The Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the 2013/14 Super Bowl. No one is talking about this fact though. No, everyone is talking about the interview Hawks corner Richard Sherman had with sports reporter Erin Andrews right after the win. Ms. Andrews asks Mr. Sherman to walk her through the last play of the game. Instead the player, obviously still pumped up and riding high on joy and adrenaline enthusiastically claimed he was the best corner in the game and that no one could touch him, least of all the 49ers Michael Crabtree. Crabtree and Sherman were visibly antagonistic on the field and verbally sparing off. This is par for the course for athletics professional or not and while amusing for its enthusiasm the “outburst” by Sherman was nothing more than a winning player rubbing his losing opponent’s nose in it a bit. Erin Andrews seemed surprised by the boisterous response to her question but she handled the situation fine and obviously saw the humor in the situation. The white racial naysayers online do not seem to have the same sense of humor. Here are a few randomly picked responses from across the internet to the Sherman interview:

The Washington Post calls Sherman’s interview a “rant” as does Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” website. If you want to say what the commentors on The Blaze are saying about Sherman then go look for yourself. I will not reprint the vile and horribly racist things they are saying here on this blog.

Richard Sherman is trending world-wide on twitter as we speak, and unbelievably much of what is being said is negative at best and horribly bigoted at worst. He has been called a “thug” the N-word, a “monkey” and an “animal”. All this for the sin of being enthusiastic while male and black in front of a white woman. People are out there expressing “sympathy” for Erin Andrews, as though she were somehow harmed or disturbed by doing her job interviewing the most expressive, colorful, and boastful of people in the entire sports universe: NFL players (of all colors and races).

The outrage seems to stem from Sherman daring to speak his mind live on TV and also daring to pull no punches when expressing his enthusiasm and joy at defeating a tough and hated (in an athletic context) foe. So what? Could it be that anytime a black man yells or expresses himself enthusiastically in public the white American media and public are conditioned to see this as a sign of a “thug” attitude or that he is “ranting” and being “inappropriate”? Especially when that black man has dark skin and long dread-locked hair? This reaction was reflexive on the part of many of the white commentors online. Our society, the society that says that Trayvon Martin was “armed” with the pavement while letting off his gun-wielding non-black killer, the society that fills our TV screens and newspaper pages with images of black crime that are far out of context with who really commits the majority of crime in this nation, the society that still judges all black men and young children on what they wear, how they speak, and even they way they express their emotions, that society is not ready to admit that they cannot handle a black man being himself in public and in front of a white woman.

Do we really think that if the Packers Clay Matthews had given the same response in the same way to Ms. Andrews’ question that he would be called a “thug” or have his very humanity brought into question? I think not. I think they would say that Matthews was being a “mans man”, a “hero” and showing his “intensity”. No such luck for Mr. Sherman. No such luck for all black men in the US who dare to speak their minds and show their emotions. We have a long way to go before we can just see an athlete and not a “black” one or a “white” one, or a “hero” instead of a “thug”.

Here is the video of the Richard Sherman interview if you are interested. If so much outrage had not come out in the white community at large (this writer excluded) I would not have given it a second thought. The man is happy and pumped up. That is all I see here.

UPDATE: After Richard Sherman and the Seahawks totally dismantled the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII (the most watched Super Bowl of all time with 111 mil + viewers) I find it funny that a championship season that began with some racist bashing of a talented football star ends with the racist bashing of a sweet and harmless Coca-Cola ad during the game…People on the internet are going NUTS over the commercial, which showed Americans of all different races, genders, sexual orientations and national origins singing “America The Beautiful”. The response from the right has been disgusting and has even surprised me with its pettiness and crudity. There is even an idiotic hashtag campaign with the totally un-ironic name #SpeakAmerican…when the xenophobes cannot even identify the language they are supposedly trying to defend from “foreigners” you know it is time to call it a night.