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Some Thoughts on Ukraine (As of 1:37AM Central Standard Time)


Major fighting has started in eastern and southern Ukraine between Kiev’s national armed forces and separatists and possibly Russian controlled elements. A battle between the two sides led to the over-running of a pro-Russian camp in Odessa. The  separatists and activists fled into a building that was later set on fire, possibly by accident, possibly by Ukrainian forces. 30+ are confirmed dead. This may be the misstep that Russia has been waiting for in order to justify a full scale invasion of the East and South. Two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down in the east as well and scores of pro-Russian/Anti-Kiev separatists have been killed by the Ukrainian military forces in their attempt to regain control of the east of the country, a region the acting President had recently said they had “lost control” over.

Who is in the “right” here? No one.

Russia is just as craven as EU/US when it comes to exploiting its neighbors. That being said EU/US have corporate interests in mind in Ukraine. With what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Central and South America over the years I do not see how the US can claim any moral high ground here though. If we posit that US has the right to interfere in Central and South America then why shouldn’t Russia be able to interfere in Ukraine, especially considering US/UK/EU’s historical betrayal of their former Russian ally on many occasions in the past? We must stop looking at Ukraine as a East vs West conflict and start looking at what is best for the people of Ukraine. Economic servitude to Russia is not in their interest but neither is economic exploitation and corporate raiding by the EU/UK/US. The Maidan movement may have had some true believers taking part, and the late President surely was a corrupt thug, but to replace it with a flimsy cobbled together group of rightists/corporatists and nationalists is not the answer. The people of Ukraine need to take their destiny into their own hands. ALL the people. I fear this will not happen until a war with Russia and/or a civil war has taken place. I do hope I am wrong though.

Here is some good reporting/updates on the situation

Also look into reporting by Interfax-Ukraine for some up to date, albeit heavily pro-west/Kiev slanted, coverage.


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