A Brief Note on Saden Ethics



Replace the the theocratic evil of the Abrahamic faiths, which uses as a standard free-thought, free agency, and pride in the human and temporal, and replace it with a Saden evil, which is represented by abuse of the powerless, the use of wealth and status as a means to achieving one’s desires, libertarian disregard for any rational authority, and rejection of the dignity of each living human. the human evil of the Sadean universe is the transgression and the violation of human dignity as understood in a material sense: suffering, pain, pleasure, need, yearning.

It is the manipulation of the human in order to realize the inhumane indulgence of the depraved individual. It is the capitalist force, the market force. It is an evil to be combated by the communal morality of humanity, an evil that is not rooted in metaphysics and an incomplete and perverse understanding of human intellect and origins. negation of the natural, the instinctive, the animal in man as both the downfall of morality and the key to understanding debauchery. Repeat until negation, impulses acted upon towards the furtherance of pleasure become an end unto itself. Negation is not achieved so one must negate the pleasure of others.

The Global Capitalist ethos IS Sadean, the constantly ramping-up of greed and exploitation that is always and will always be justified by a perversion of the scientific reality of natural selection in nature to make it apply to civil society. The shredding of the Social Contract


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