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Gun Culture Is an Outgrowth of Misogyny


Another privileged, spoiled, foolish, idiotic, entitled and misogynistic young white man has gone on a rampage with a gun, this time his wrath was directed at women (because they “rejected” him…what bullshit projection). 7 people, including the gunman, are now dead. I have now seen this story so many times in the US that I am no longer surprised and shocked by it…and that in itself shocks me on an entirely deeper level.

What is the American obsession with the gun? I have some theories, theories I will seriously be working on in the coming days. For now I will leave you with these thoughts…

Gun culture as an outgrowth of patriarchally maintained misogyny i.e. men see an assault on “manhood” and see violence through the gun as a way to “regain” this status within the system. Also, guns are seen as a way to bypass equal rights or a discussion of privilege and rape culture; men do not need to change their ways or help reform society to prevent sexual violence, women just need to arm themselves! Violence thus begets violence and turns everyone into a victim in their own minds, a sentiment that justifies the worst sort of redemptive violence and hate. The gun is the redemptive phallus, the tool that makes a “man” (read violent, entitled, fearful, purposefully ignorant and crude) out of any person, the gun is seen as the key to a sort of libertarian freedom that is neither possible nor wholly understood even by its proponents. The idea that violence is the only thing keeping “society” together, that the underlying condition of the Social Contract is constant and universal armed vigilance, is both ahistorical and absurdly dangerous. 


I feel for the families involved in this tragedy, and I heap scorn on those who insist this had nothing to do with rape culture, misogyny, and gun hysteria. Fuck the NRA. Fuck Patriarchy. Fuck the Gun.

Here is one of the fathers of the victims speaking out bravely against the NRA and its enablers in government. This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen…ignore the last 30 seconds of CNN blather

“Why did Chris die?”



12 thoughts on “Gun Culture Is an Outgrowth of Misogyny

  1. “Gun culture as an outgrowth of patriarchally maintained misogyny…”

    Then why is the largest growing sector of gun buyers women?

    This guy killed three people – half the people he killed other than possibly himself – with a knife. Are knives also “an outgrowth of patriarchally maintained misogyny”?


    • nme16 says:

      Women are the largest growing sector of gun buyers because we have created a society were it is easier to buy a gun then it is to tell men that they have to respect women. It is another symptom of societal misogyny

  2. “Women are the largest growing sector of gun buyers because …”

    … because us old misogynists are encouraging them to protect themselves and teaching them how to do so. You see, a lot of them are our wives and our daughters and if someone is going to the morgue we prefer it be the rapist.


    • nme16 says:

      how about instead of arming all women, we try to, I don’t know, combat the message that men can run roughshod over the rights and dignity of women? What message does it send when we tell women to get guns before we tell men not to rape?

  3. “What message does it send when we tell women to get guns before we tell men not to rape?”

    Back in the “bad old days” of misogyny we tried to protect women. We told them not to dress like sluts, get drunk, and go out with guys they hardly knew. But that was oppressive and violated their rights.

    As for the women in my life I try to make sure they know something about self defense, and I suggest they be careful where they go and who they go with.

    If you are a 90 lb girl out with a guy who is 210 lbs, a lot of that bone and muscle, you damn well need to know something about him and his personality beforehand. That is why people used to date, often under the eye or parents or chaperones, and you checked out the guy’s references first. You knew something about them before you went out alone with them. Today girls go out and get drunk with guys that hardly know, and they are surprised they wake up in the morning with buyer’s regret.

    Life isn’t fair. Girls have something that a lot of guys want, and some of those guys are not gentlemen.



    • nme16 says:

      “We told [women] not to dress like slut”? That puts the blame for rape on women and implies, just like Iranian fundamentalist clerics, that women are responsible for rape and that men are just unthinking animals led by their “needs”. Men do not “need” sex any more than women. A man who rapes is not seeking sex, he is seeking power and to assert control. You, “sir”, are a pig and I hope beyond all hope that you have not reproduced, and if you have, I hope that if you have daughters they get away from you as soon as possible so that they will not learn that the only way to be a woman in the world is to dress to suit men and that your only other back up is a gun. Get the fuck off of my blog with your disgusting, women hating bilge. Sickening.

    • nme16 says:

      I will go so far as to say that with this attitude you have expressed I am all but certain you have probably raped a woman before, probably on a date or even a loved one, and did not see it as rape because you justified it with this garbage. I hope your gene pool is not passed on to the next generation. Do us all a favor and get yourself neutered.

  4. “We told [women] not to dress like slut”? That puts the blame for rape on women”

    No it doesn’t put blame on women for rape. It says sometimes women were led into the belief they can be stupid and not suffer consequences.

    A bad person who does bad things is responsible. But you don’t have to make it easier. Stupidity is not a virtue.

    “I hope beyond all hope that you have not reproduced”

    Actually have three children. One is a U.S. Marine.

    “Get the fuck off of my blog…”

    Ok, I can do that. Don’t have much more to say to someone who is so indoctrinated they can’t talk to someone with a viewpoint different than their own.



  5. NME16 wrote:

    “Thank goodness…that at least makes me feel better”

    Assuming you are a guy, it is a pretty good bet you will eventually face the same issue. I pray that if you do it goes well for you. It is not fun. It is not fun to have a doctor set down, put his arm around you, and tell you as gently as he can that you have cancer.

    It is not fun to have a catheter for weeks and spend years learning how to not urinate on yourself without control. It is not great to have to use a needle to inject into your penis to have an erection to have a sexual relation with the one you love.

    Maybe you need to re-orient your attitude with a little appreciation than life can be a lot more difficult than you imagine. And a lot more beautiful too. My wife has been with me more years than you can imagine and still loves me despite my flaws.



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